Top doctors testify before congress

Dr. Anthony Fauci and CDC Director Robert Redfield take questions from Congress on the need for a cohesive national strategy on COVID-19.
4:04 | 07/31/20

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Transcript for Top doctors testify before congress
Doctor Anthony fat gene CDC director Robert Redfield testifying before congress this morning the two will take questions on the need for a cohesive national strategy on over the nineteen. The US is reporting more than 15100 new deaths in the CDC is projecting as many as 30000 more in just the next three weeks. But corona virus cases were down nation lot why last week for the first time since early June and hospitalizations. Appear to be flat. ABC's your thoughts this following a hearing for us and joins us now with more from Washington Kiet. The last time thought she was before congress he said the federal government is not in total control of this outbreak what do we speck expect to hear from him in right field today. Yet you got that's a great question and maybe we can monitor the live pictures I noticed that doctor patchy was coming in. To the room there where the subcommittee hearing is going to start. It said Gary go right there you can actually see a doctor patchy getting ready to sit center stage he'll be side by side at the seas CDC director is well. Also the assistant secretary for HHS admiral Ret juror are will also be there I mean these are the three top leaders Diane. Right now when it comes to corona virus and a national strategy. A federal strategy as you know. Doctor about she and the president. They haven't had that the most. I guess we should say up publicly comfortable relationship. I think from the very beginning. And we have seen them at odds with regard to this science. And and what the president wants to believe in wants to see for this country. So at the beginning you saw the press conferences that were being held at the white house with the corona virus task force. Without G and doctor birds and also read field and other members some of the task force side by side with the president and those task force meetings would go on and on and on. And it neck you never really felt like you were getting something out of that there was a lot of speculation you had bouts she talking about the science to what needs to be done. Doctor Burks would come forward and support what bout she was saying and then the president. On a number of times would throw out things about possible cures and vaccines. And and do we need masks and yes snow should we add more to the precautions. And it just became really difficult. For bout she and the task force to do their job and get the right messaging out so now. Here we are finally having a open to hearing where all of us will be able to. Listen to very direct back and forth about what should be done. At a federal level to try and bring down. These numbers I mean right now more than 43 million cases a 150000. Deaths in those numbers. Are climbing Diane. Yes that's not a great picture right now we do try to tell the good news or we can find it up here and we are hearing some good news about some vaccine progress what's the latest there. Definitely. Things are moving forward and their moving forward quickly. Right now there are three. Promise seeing trials going on there's about eight in total. Among all the different companies Diane but three trials going on right now with me Daryn. AstraZeneca and also Pfizer and then we heard this week Johnson & Johnson now reporting. Headway as well but still. Even though operation warp speed is in full force and there are a number of trials going on and a lot of good news coming out of of what could possibly happen here. With regard to a vaccine for all of us summing getting that shot in the arm for every single American. It right now it looks like 20/20 one for high risk patients that's where we're seeing we could see a vaccine. That's workable by the end of the year Diane right certainly hope so pure Phillips from Washington we appreciate it here thanks.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Dr. Anthony Fauci and CDC Director Robert Redfield take questions from Congress on the need for a cohesive national strategy on COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"72103548","title":"Top doctors testify before congress","url":"/Politics/video/top-doctors-testify-congress-72103548"}