Tour of White House Press Room Reveals Secret Areas

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer, Mary Bruce, and Jon Karl give an exclusive look at the White House press room.
6:08 | 12/02/14

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Transcript for Tour of White House Press Room Reveals Secret Areas
Everybody I'm Devin Dwyer and I'm Mary Bruce hammer your ABC news White House team coming to be alive today outside the west wing at the White House President Obama has just taken off. To go visit the troops at Walter Reed medical center you can see behind us here these doors. That's his Oval Office is just inside there but we want to give your tours right now of where the press were. He is gonna lead us down. So this is the west wing where the Oval Office is happy room all the president's top staff works over there. And then here's of course the residents what we speak openly picture the iconic White House and in between a well that's where we work that's where the press offices are actually. See right here maybe some people behind us and those windows that's where the white house press staff works olive senior. There's been freed men. Does the blame and then of course just behind their offices is the White House briefing room Press Secretary Josh Earnest just wrapped up his daily press briefing a little while ago. I take a look. Now what are the things most people say when it first checked out that it's actually much mom didn't realize not only outlook. Where. 49. Seats here in the briefing all signed. All special competency hearing back on right here are it ABC news stop this is our special shareware our Jonathan Karl says every day. During a press briefing I can think that's pretty close to the podium. And it's tough questions. Pretty cool stuff and we also want to give you a sense of the cameras. Here in the white house press briefing room they're only about fifty feet away from the podium if you see. There in the far back corner of us thinks dangling from the ceiling right behind the lights theory goes are robot cameras in cases in emergency. There's cameras are always live in anybody from ABC news. Can see. Where I'm standing talked to those cameras. In the back there and go live on the network in time to break some news bet. Come on I want to show you a little bit of the technical underbelly of the white house press face believe it or not. We're actually standing on top of an old swimming pool built 1933. Marries him give us a look so come along. One of the coolest things about the treatment of the most people don't know actually get to see and that's because this is a step imagined the pool swimming pool. Originally built in the 1930s or president Roosevelt and now homeland something awful lot about ten. Here. You get further. Shallow. It no more water no one's taken as. Slim down here but without. Where we would keep all of this equipment and out how to become a tradition to come down here sign your name on the wall. Lafayette leaned down here a lot of people. Mark right now and take a look at this gutter this is actually the school gutter. We're FDR Truman JFK used to swim lap during. Look alike here it. The school we lot. Concerns OK so. White house press room was behind their we're not in a Deer Park in the field but. It's part we'll show you. We're the real work stuffed one. Yeah this is all fine. Good what else we come back here. It by the way. This is not a tour go. Very slow and that way or lose there's more. Here. This is married Mary Berry camera shot. Up. Where we are substance this is the White House cafeteria kitchen knives all ruled open at least the one that world used as if you get what we're. We are very fancy espresso machine was given the white house press corps by Tom Hanks. It's okay to that I actually no idea how it actually works in this picture. That's. That's what we do it this is this is that. Cradle perjury check this out. This thing won't source code available to white house press. In the White House this is the one only source of food you can buy on the ground Hugh Laurie reporter. As you can see not a single thing on yours would actually be approved by Michelle Obama for school watch but I highly recommended Jumbo honey Boren. If you were here late working on deadline it really doesn't get much better does it mean guerrilla. Your favorite is my favorite the giant gumbo. Yes it's okay here's the split from secrets were we going to Africa mr. This fees directly to residential. Side of the White House that big we do up there he top floor that is the Obama family residence but there and I don't look you can catch this definitely over there. You have presidential. I assure you it's. It's it was gone wrong you know the president's up early in the morning on an airline and lying right those doors. Right or. Please call or he walked through the home room right out into Pete Rose Garden so there's a real. And the kitchen is heard back its right to return it officially at two. They make a. Lot of the White House not brass not Eddie. We get yeah the the big money. But thanks so much for following us we hope you enjoyed the two are on Devin Dwyer follow me on Twitter at Devin Dwyer and anchors at Yankee group's. I'm Jonathan Karl Jon Karl. Stay with us all the time thanks for watching.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"ABC News’ Devin Dwyer, Mary Bruce, and Jon Karl give an exclusive look at the White House press room.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"27313699","title":"Tour of White House Press Room Reveals Secret Areas","url":"/Politics/video/tour-white-house-press-room-reveals-secret-areas-27313699"}