Tropical Storm Barry to drop several inches of rain; Trump confirms ICE raids

Tropical Storm Barry closes in on the Gulf Coast; lawmakers react to ICE raids across the country; transgender candidate for Delaware State Senate speaks.
27:56 | 07/13/19

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Transcript for Tropical Storm Barry to drop several inches of rain; Trump confirms ICE raids
Everybody welcome to the brief hearing on this Friday and Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us a lot of major headlines today hopped across town that we're tracking here at ABC news starting with a surprise resignation this morning at the White House labor secretary Alex Acosta says he's calling it quits. Becoming the ninth member of Donald Trump's a cabinet to depart the administration in just over two years Acosta said this morning he didn't want to be a distraction. For the president amid this intensifying scrutiny of his role in that plea deal for accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Ten years ago well meanwhile up on Capitol Hill just a few hours ago Republicans. Joined with house Democrats in voting to limit president Trump's ability to construct. Conduct military strikes against Iran the measure passed would require the president to get congress' approval first. This after. Months of public pressure on that issue meanwhile after lots of public lobbying including some from Jon Stewart the comedian. The house also approved a bill today that would finally ensure. 9/11 victims and that compensation fund will be permanently funded now heads. Are over to the senate but all eyes of course are on the Gulf Coast tropical storm Barry bearing down the first named storm. Of the season headed for Louisiana packed with rain at this hour let's go straight. To the National Hurricane Center and director there can Grande joins us live Ken banks. A hurricane when its yen makes landfall. Am really close some of his is a little bit more time before it can do that looking at landfall early tomorrow morning so just a small chance of that. But the same time the difference between a tropical storm or hurricane is just a mile an hour source still our focus isn't necessarily. On the storm or or hurricanes is about all the water it's a it's about this rainfall that's about to occur in the next couple days. Yeah and are you still projecting up to two feet in some parts of Louisiana what areas are going to be hardest hit. Democrats are so much rainfall if you look at this we've got a couple areas of real concern Gillick and at some areas they can get fifteen to twenty inches of rain. But look how look how well beyond that I mean look up and the Mississippi where if you see some of these rain bands set up. We can see all sorts of rain anywhere from four to six inches may be about the tenets is in those areas and that that's just too much rain is gonna cause a lot of flooding. And your message to folks at this hour can as the storm gets closer. One of people need to do if they're still down in that area. Having the biggest thing is just a you know the the time is really short now with the winds RD coming onshore to see some tropical storm force winds. And you're already seeing water levels. Rise and look at the storm surge forecast a mean some of these areas around terrible on Paris look foolish parish you're gonna see three to six foot of storms are so the time is now you gotta get ready and and the windows really get into right now so we got to be ready for the storm. Are we hope everyone stay safe into the weekend we know you're gonna stay on it guy can Graham director of the National Hurricane Center really appreciate your time came to lock this weekend. With that me turning out to the big immigration operation that is set to get under way the administration saying they are going to exempt those areas being impacted by the storm. But ten American cities could soon see major raids by immigration customs enforcement this weekend rounding up. And deporting hundreds of families in and documented immigrants president trump a short time ago. Announced plans for the rates to start on Sunday. And I tell you what nothing sacred about. I think law enforcement they're great patriot avid cubs got nothing to me feel good about. If that word gets out of gets out. Hundreds of people know about that major operation. Of the word pathetic gets out it starts on Sunday as they did it take people out they get a break up back there that got me. And return of air and deter skier investigative reporter in New York who's been in touch with immigration authorities Aaron great to see you. Us or who's being targeted here and how does this operation different. From what I see does on a daily basis I. I think I'm struck by something there that the president talked about a major operation to immigration authorities this is what they do every day in and in fact what's going to be happening over the weekend. They say is just a consolidated. Effort. Of of something they do all the time it and so it doesn't seem like it's going to be anything more or less than that. We're told from authorities that this particular operation is going to target individuals who have been through the system. And who have been told they must leave the country and who haven't. These targeted individuals often we're told have criminal records and and that is the case and in most of those who are being targeted this weekend. And they are undocumented immigrants but we're also told DeVon that people who are with them at the time of their arrest. Their family members anybody who might be in their households. Will not be targeted in this operation. Yeah we've heard about those folks just yesterday here in the briefing room so called collateral rules people in the room a lot of fear. Among these families if ice comes knocking on the door in context Aron and that's put up for our viewers. We're deportations are overall right now in the trump administration cages some might remember just a few years ago 2011 at this point. And president Obama's first term. We've seen much higher numbers in the first and second quarter of deportation so it is important to keep that in mind that it it's much lower now Horry. It is much lower now and in fact that there had been some talk on the campaign failure were called DeVon that the democratic debate where come on I Harris took. Vice President Biden to task. For the number of deportations that that happened during the Obama administration and I think by publicizing. This operation which is an unusual thing to do. For a law enforcement operation. The administration made in a way be hoping that. Some of these people end up deporting on their own we don't know how likely that's going to be we do know it's caused a good deal of fear. But an immigration officials I think are taking pains to say that. This is not anything on usual despite. Whenever the president. May say and how it may be. Viewed around the country that this is these are targeted individuals. And so targeted because they have what are called final orders of removal. People who have not just crossed into the country but who have been here has been through a process that's long been established. And who need to go for whatever reason and and they're hoping. That that may quell. Some of some of the outrage that's around I'm not sure it's gonna work. But that's what the authorities are talk. Yeah there also probably hoping to get some some political advantage from publicizing this effort at this point in our politics are pitchers keep thanks for the reporting. I'm meanwhile a number of state and local officials are preparing for these rates preparing to scrutinize the truck administration's effort. I'll Los Angeles county one of the biggest immigrant communities in the country's says they're preparing social service agencies. To ensure the children there won't be abandoned if their parents. Are suddenly swept away in the raids. Several governors are also speaking out about this process vowing to go to court if certain lines are crossed. Here's Washington State governor Jay Kinsley who stopped by the briefing room a short time ago. Well we will be monitoring this very carefully and we have been very vigorously enforcing the law in the constitutional rights of people and we have announced soon and defeated Donald Trump 22 times in a row. I was the first can't. Governor to stand up against his it is illegal Muslim Dan. And we've now defeated him 22 times in a row because of offers are excellent AG. So if we find there is any violations of the law or the constitution we will vigorously being with more rates that's correct we will vigorously defend the rights of everyone in our state. And joining us now from the border areas mayor John Giles. Of Mesa, Arizona joining us by Skype large immigrant population in his community they're just a 150 miles. From the border mayor Giles thanks so much for joining us so what are you just get your reaction. How to the announcement of these raids and what's the reaction of your community. Well I guess. Latency and this is something different than business as usual are not right. But we all understand that we have immigration laws as important were some this is the border and interior our country. We also understand that we have two million undocumented people and it United States this schools and do things you're gonna do we're and a any people so you have to prioritize. Argument did it imports hunger Johnson entered the country and it sounds like see you this the reasons. Brace. Are targeted at folks. Orders of deportation. Couldn't beat prioritize criminal activity or there surgeons are fugitives. If that's the case I'm not treated the disease something. Extraordinary it is approval. You know I outraged community. I'll talk thought about it. Dinner after you've talked a lot about the role that the religious organizations have played in responding to the migrant crisis in your community the role of churches. Church a faith based organizations social service groups providing aid to these migrants and their families also supporting. Those along the border do you think those communities should be off limits to ice. Well I think we're where we're mixing groups of people the the community based communities and my anonymity said the C now the most recent says surged. Oh vote migrants from Central America and they've been doing that the request some arrests and up just. Or for groups. Because of the various limitations they go wrong who children's or resentment at times oath. Also are in our country legally they have been. Vetted but I ice already and they are in the country legally waking dean experience and in that context is actually nothing at all pro. Or are based community in our non profits. Actively helping them for. Their existence of those votes that's that's very different NASA now what are vs an hour it's you have deportation orders that's been already adjudicated. And instantly United States. Your two different problems as you say for sure you just spent a good bit of time with the DHS secretary past few days as part of the US conference of mayors a group movement. Bipartisan mayors seeking is some. Our common ground. On this issue of border security you also visited some facilities. In the border El Paso, Texas area is one of them that's obviously been at the center of a firestorm here Washington over conditions in the facilities. Won a place in testimony for you from Capitol Hill today get your reaction to it here's a number of democratic lawmakers talking about when they saw in El Paso. Mr. speaker we do have a crisis at our border. With one of morality. As we have seen this current strategy unfold intentional. And clearly created by the trumpet ministries and does not. I'm sending a hate filled message that those seeking refuge are not welcome in America. And our America. And at the rule of law human rights will not be it would not protect him here instead mr. Chairman it's a dangerous ideology. You got rolled our nation right now. This is a manufactured crisis because there is no need for us to dean yes. There's no need for us to over crowd in two to eighteen and under resource. There's no need for us to Iraq's innocent people and treat them no differently and criminals when they are pursuing their basic human rights. You just mr. mayor came from some of these facilities do you think it's a manufactured crisis what did you see down there. Oh absolutely not. That is its real life crisis there and number. Where it striker Adriano Sansa facts and and it's clear that there isn't there tremendous surge. I'm. Families cross border. And so that Sullenberger. And mortars were close quarter personally we agreed at. The pictures we've demonstrated as well so. Yes it's it's an actual. Crisis. I think we have not an and it is certainly is overall Marxist that absolutely science but. Return do you think we've turned a corner in this been based on ninth and the surge in resources down there. The mayor's airing gauged dot com percent more money we understand the numbers have come down a little bit do you think were. We're getting to a point where we might be able to to keep you away from crisis stage. Oh. Surely the numbers are down and after right. I was and in this instance he's yesterday that the congressional delegation was in a few weeks ago and I can tell you. Yes there were actually young Graham is being processed that there was nothing like which saw him in dramatic photographs that we've been seeing the last days. Very same facilities the numbers are way down. I think that's combination that you know Mexican government its is a lot more gates that they were previously. Whether is is he now I think the words it is now expected to be to the American bolsa. It's not as easiest ones wells. So I flew the numbers are down I don't know that will be sustaining this this temporary because. The enthusiasm than Mexico says that at spam or whether. But for now. The pressure is off those. It's no it's over a great to have your prospective mayor John Giles of Mesa, Arizona part of that group of mayors that just. Visited those facilities as he said just in the past few weeks and very dramatically different conditions and seen in those places. Mayor thank you so much for coming on appreciate you. Torino to the race for 20/20 and get a no other democratic contenders stopping by our friends at the view today it was Connell a Harris. I'd Megan McCain asked her about the conditions at the border to Nicholas. I believe that's my cross over the border is illegally it is illegal and you would you would decriminalize it I would would not make it a crime punishable by jail. I'd it should be a civil enforcement issue but not a criminal enforcement action. So there should there should be bitten beginning at play by the rules but. It we can't treat people like criminals when it when they're crossing the border and incarcerate them as separate I think they just can't. Police. Are political powerhouse all stars are here Johnny were holik and Sasha has that great to see you both. Our social all of this guy's the view has been off hot spot for the candidate must have its own must do Johnny in this issue of decriminalizing. The border that has become a very contentious flash point among them. This really kind of exploded in this primary your first. The first democratic candy to propose it was former Hud secretary William Castro the first degree and the first debate was really big flashpoint between him and that's O'Rourke. Work Castro really has tried to make this kind of a litmus test for the democratic field you've seen some others it's more moderate candidates like senator Michael Bennet push back against the idea yesterday also on the view. But this really has kind of become a -- flashpoint in in the democratic primary especially in immigration. And we saw Sasha Connolly Harris on the view not letting go of this attack on Joseph Biden over bock seeing. And civic questions why is she holding on to this does it really have legs with with with the democratic base. You know it's resonating we saw a big Bob for her after the debate how we saw that it got a lot of attention it got us all talking which is. Part of the point really but I do you think that it hones in on something that's really important for a large voting bloc in America the feeling of I'm not wanting to be forgotten that this kind of suffering did happen. And that is something that still needs to be addressed today in a lot of different. Syrian and we were saying before I show on perhaps that critical slice of Joseph Biden's face African Americans in South Carolina atletico Russo keeping that day keeping the pressure and rate their drowning her it confirms that she used. Determined to draw this contrast. With Joseph Biden because she knows that in July and has roots especially in African American community that go back decades he's very close with house majority whip Jim Cliburn. Another African American leaders in the state in it's as evidenced by the fact that both of them to spend a lot of time in South Carolina. And our Rihanna Stewart just caught up with Tom's dire for an interview a short time ago here it is. Okay. Starting in fat cats find out why. I don't know. Over resolving got a call me Tom everybody does Tom but let me say this. What I'm saying in my campaign. Is that corporations have taken over government. And that we need to take that government back on behalf of people who have been disadvantage. For forty years in the case of this community for hundreds of years. So actually this is the perfect for me. For me to come to a going to Burke high school which is an overwhelmingly African American school is being pro prospect facing closure. What you can see here it's a perfect example. In South Carolina they cut the taxes paid by corporations. And we began to cut school bills they had to cut education itself they can't afford health care. For everybody in the state of South Carolina that's not because we don't have enough money. That's because corporations and the people who run and own them control of government. And want all the money are willing to resources are not spread around me so people are suffering. This is a perfect community for you can see they're at the the mercy. Of corporations and developers who have no mercy. Taking advantage. Take on it corporation. But the biggest question. Your candidacy is that you know you're you're a millionaire how can a 1% are identify. What is so hot night. Look I started my business. Whenever it was gosh at this point it will. I started arguing that I do realize how much injustice that was in this society I quit it. I took the giving pledge. To give my money to good causes and for the last ten years I've been organizing coalitions. Of ordinary people. Against. Unchecked corporate interest and successfully from the outside. One propositions. Director of the balance. In California and in other states. Against the oil companies against the tobacco companies against the drug companies and each case we've gone directly to the people. I also have registered. Millions of people we've not gotten tens of millions of storms we've. Basically tried to get democracy back to the people away from corporations so if you ask me how can I do it for ten years I've been successful. And I can't look at the eyes of people in these communities. To hear what their problems are high that's why we are today. Not just to save your life. To hear what the issues are in the schools to your teachers are about housing he were the issues are about health care to see what people are undergoing and with the. Thanks to Brandon Stewart with Tom sire there his entry already shaking up the race governor Jay Kinsley is responding this dire. Here's what he told us. Well there are ready to welcome into the pool and has not changed my plans which is to continue to be unique in the race and I still and unique in the race because I'm the only candidate. Seen that defeating the climate crisis has to be the top priority those states in the Kennedy who is actually passed a 100% clean bills in my state. So I mean I continue my course I follow my own stars and or stroke continue to follow. We just heard from the National Hurricane Center director of of the storm that's coming up from Louisiana and ask you about that studies. Just the past few days show us that climate change actually increases the amount of water these storms dropping Susan Hughes brought. We do in the short term on that if you were president as a rule for the federal government responding to. That problem that's that's the amount of water were seen from these extra summer storm. Well definitely there are major infrastructure things that we need to do to protect our communities through because there are going to be more floods and Jordan. Huge precipitation events. We know these storms are becoming more frequent and more intense both. And we know that just rain because warmer atmosphere holds more humidity so this is scientific certainty. So they're way that we channel storm water. Are tracking systems and our major river systems. And by the way this issue both from rain and from increasing sea levels you're getting both ways. So yes there are infrastructure things that we're going to need to do but I think it is really important to make this point. There isn't enough infrastructure in the world to save us from the ravages of the climate crisis. We have to stop it added source which is carbon dioxide pollution. We have to stop the stranglehold. Of the fossil fuel industry our economy. We have to put millions of people to work he carbon horizon are caught in building new energy sources and more efficient buildings. We cant before selves to think you just build the day care. Last question for you Bob Mueller special counsel is going to be testifying on Capitol Hill we think next week or week after. If you on that committee in him a chance to ask Bobby Bowden. The question what was your what do you want to know from Republicans. I would want to ask him. Bob would you agree that my climate change plan as the best of the State's you're still got. Simply would simply have to say you're darn right because he's very intelligent individual and we move on Gaza you don't wanna know anything about so listen I'm very glad that I'm very. She do you serious answer. Is a very serious issue right we we can't allow this president to violate the law or the constitution and we know he's willing to do that and I'm proud of my democratic colleagues who were insisting that we get the truth of this. I'm proud they're being diligent it was very comprehensive investigations. I do believe we should institute an impeachment investigation because I think we'll give us more effectiveness actually get to the truth of this. So I would ask I would ask him every issue trinity garrison additional evidence. We'll see how cooperative has he is in that regard I think he's been diligent and think he's done a good job. I hope he's willing to share all the information can with the public and then direction climate change than governor isn't excellent here in the. James Lee nothing if not consistent on its NASA's single issued. English you that it will bring almost every single issue health care. Foreign policy socks and I know this ball from covering him he's gonna bring almost every single issue back to climate change is really state. His entire campaign on that issue. Becoming more prominent within the Democratic Party is banking on younger voters. Or mourn gaze on the climate issue and just voters in general feel like the Democrat party has not been strong and trying to on this issue threatened by Thompson. You know it's interesting that actually known each other for a pretty long time dust dire as next gen is a pretty big in the climate movement. But what's interesting abouts Dyer is new campaign here is that he's not hitting hard on the climate issue at all maybe because he sees. Is Lee as are ready occupying that track. All the way so maybe for a friends for now we'll see its shots into the because they think you so much John and Robert they consumers who does have a great weekend out of there on the campaign trail. I turn now to our series no one heels who rhyme we're bringing you the latest. In millennial Americans were getting into politics shaking things up today the story of a 28 year old from Delaware. Who's running for state senate there a bid that could make history Sarah McBride is transgender. And she's looking to be the first American trans gender in a state house. I decided to run for the state senate here in Delaware because I dropped and was born and raised in an abstract. I was. Raided by somebody folks in this community and the community at help support and sustained me through some of the most typical times in my own life from my coming out Q. Losing my husband to cancer and I wanted to get back to that community. You know a lot of people we see this in the polling numbers you're age are very disillusioned with politics they are. There are disappointed in the system they think it doesn't work they think politicians on both sides of the aisle pop art serving them. What inspired you to go forward with this is would defy those odds what gives you hope that you can actually get into the system I'll be at the state level right now. And make a difference. That disillusionment understandable. I think too many people feel left behind too many people still feel unseen an unheard. Particularly with what's going on the national. But I'm right profits because I believe actually possible because I seen it and Miami might. I've seen it here at Delaware advocating Kirk and mark nondiscrimination legislation that many people thought would be impossible. I've seen it but that's a lot working with the Obama administration look forward important policy. And also accent and working to defeat the politics of hate and foul trouble Mike Pence the implement. I have seen that change is possible. You'd be the first America's first elected transgender state senator. Which is something that's not lost on you in interviews you've given how do you process. The scrutiny that is likely to comment any public campaign. On day. And you anticipate people to be sort of apprehensive about your gender identity is that something nature you're prepared to counter us. You know I think voters in this district I care about my gender they care about health care they care about. Usually at their schools are glad they care about making sure that they anti terror sick loved one if they get it if they get sick and still be able to earn a living wage. They're concerned about reforming our criminal justice has to make sure where reverend wanted to I don't think this is a community cares about right candor I also think. That we bought and try. Should their candidate running went minor in Virginia Colorado and can't track here in Delaware crop and are back because. I had seen in my own in my own life when I came out as community that accepted Meehan embraced me. And I've seen first hand business community that judges people on their merits. And not on our identity. Two great state the great state of Delaware very progressive state legislature for sure need to Sarah McBride any national political aspirations perhaps after you. Make it through this race. You know want to thank the I've seen over the course of my time working on at the end putting forward important piece of legislation about most of the issues that matter people. Are handled at the state level and that's why our privacy act up I want to certain states that he and my focus over the next I hear how. I'm gonna beyond meeting at many voters pothole winning this race and then if I'm elected certain rights and the constituents than it first and. I'm basing in its armor Brian we'll be following her campaign out there in Delaware and thanks you for watching us here. In every fear my on this Friday we hope you have a great weekend we'll be back here Monday 3:30 eastern time on ABC news live you can follow us. And the latest on all the stories you've talked about today by downloading the ABC news app. I'm Devin Dwyer Washington have a great weekend see next week.

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