Trump acquitted in 2nd impeachment trial

Seven Republicans who voted to convict the former president are now facing backlash and lawmakers are calling for a commission to investigate the Capitol siege.
4:16 | 02/15/21

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Transcript for Trump acquitted in 2nd impeachment trial
The acquittal of former president trump in his second impeachment trial seven Republican senators voted along with Democrats to convict trump. That fell short of the two thirds majority needed lawmakers are now pushing for a nine elevenths style commission to investigate the capital insurrection. ABC news political director Rick Klein joins me now. For more Rick some of the Republicans who voted to convict trump. Are now facing backlash senator bill Cassidy has been censured by the Louisiana GOP. Let's just one example what does this mean for the future of the Republican Party. It means it being done with impeachment doesn't mean being done with the consequences of president strong he is driven in. Real division. A spike through the Republican Party. A reflected by the fact you have this record number seven Republican senators vote to convict ten did so in the house it meets primary challenges it means threats. It means to an ex president who now by all accounts is he's fixated on political revenge and it means a republic reported it doesn't know its path forward. I has been split wide open by this but by president trump by the aftermath of the election by this impeachment trial itself. And it is no closer to being healed to being united today out of a lot of the party official organs continue to raise money on the idea of impeachment even though of course we have this record number of Republicans just supported. And there's now talk of a nine elevenths style commission to investigate the siege. What's the likelihood of that actually forming what kinds of things and a commission like this look into. Ya I I think it's likely to happen not because on now that we're pass impeachment. Censure really is feeding us as a viable option speaker Pelosi among those saying it really doesn't make sense that to pursue it. I and so instead that you you have an an opportunity here to get some real answers and I was struck covering his impeachment trial how many unanswered questions there are the surprise information from a Republican congresswoman that. Derailed things on Saturday morning just one example you want to know what Kevin McCarthy was saying to the White House what Mike Pence with seeing and hearing. I you want to know what frankly what was security posture happened to allow listed to occur to allow it to go as long as it did it remains shocking five weeks later. How long the siege took place how violence an awful it was there are so many answers I think it matters for political accountability. As well as I think security measures and coordination of different forces so a indices big enough took to warrant a commission like that and I think it's it probably gonna gonna come together in the coming days. And Rick and even the contentious nature of the trial could affect president Biden's hopes for a bipartisan. Colvin relief bill in immigration reform among other things on his agenda. We'll shore but another way is that this President's Day Biden gets his presidency back there's this has been hanging over everything that he is done for the first three plus weeks in office I he's going to be on the road a few times this week for the first time as president. Drumming up support for Covert relief in his try to stay as far away. As possible from impeachment he has been pursuing the Coca relief legislation. Up pursuing a legislative agenda and frankly one of the decisions that that when he and two. One of the factors went into the decision to not have witnesses was that Democrats recognize that the Biden agenda is stronger though Sunnis yet on the other side of impeachment yes this drove Republicans apartment also though brought a lot of people to their partisan corners and it just consumed a lot of oxygen a lot of energy on the senate floor that's done now so Biden. I wouldn't say it's a start fresh but he does gets at least have the feel more to himself as he makes a case for Covert relief and other top priorities and then what about former president trump what happens for a hand now that this trial is over. Yup I mean look the biggest. Actual consequence of this acquittal was that he can run for office again and he's going to be noises about it there's no doubt about it people are going to be looking for signals from him Odyssey pac conference the conservative conference later this month we now know is can he include Don junior among others either gonna make noises about trump making a comeback it though in the meantime. I think a lot of focus around trump world is going to be how to exact political retribution for Republicans. Who in their mind to trade and betrayed him they are their primary challenges of fort how can he channel that energy. He will raise a lot of money I don't expect that he's gonna run again in 224 but I also don't expect I and that he's gonna say so. Any time soon. I recline in Washington forest thank you.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Seven Republicans who voted to convict the former president are now facing backlash and lawmakers are calling for a commission to investigate the Capitol siege.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75907130","title":"Trump acquitted in 2nd impeachment trial","url":"/Politics/video/trump-acquitted-2nd-impeachment-trial-75907130"}