Trump will extend 'Dreamers,' TPS protection in exchange for full border wall funding

President Donald Trump announced on Saturday that in exchange for border wall funding, he would extend temporary protections for "Dreamers' and those with Temporary Protected Status.
13:18 | 01/19/19

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Transcript for Trump will extend 'Dreamers,' TPS protection in exchange for full border wall funding
Just a short time ago I had the honor of presiding over the swearing in of five new great American citizens. It was a beautiful ceremony. And a moving reminder. Of our nations proud history of welcoming. Legal immigrants from all over the world. Into our national family. I tell them that the beauty and majesty of citizenship. Is that it draws no distinctions. Of race or class or faith which gender. Or background. All Americans whether first generation. We're tenth generation are bound together in love and loyalty. Friendship and affection. We are all equal. We are one team. And when people proudly saluting one great American flag. We believe in a safe and lawful system of immigration. One that upholds our laws. Our traditions. And our most cherished values. Unfortunately our immigration system. Has been badly broken for a very long time. Over the decades. Many presidents and many lawmakers. Have common guy. And no real progress has been made on immigration. We are now living with the consequences. And they are tragic brought about by decades of political. Stalemate. Partisan gridlock. And national neglect. There is a humanitarian. And security crisis. Warner southern border. That requires urgent action. Thousands of children are being exploited by ruthless coyotes. And vicious cartels and gangs. One and three women is sexually assaulted. On the dangers. Journey north. In fact many. Loving mothers give there young daughter's. Birth control pills. For the long journey up to the United States because they know. They may be raped or sexually it constant. Or salted. Nearly fifty migrants today. Are being referred. For urgent medical care. Vast quantities. Of lethal narcotics. Are flooding through our border. And into our communities including meth cocaine. Heroin and fentanyl. Drugs skill 78000. Americans a year. And course to our society in excess of 700. Billion dollars. Heroin alone kills 300 Americans a week. 90% of which comes across. Our southern border we can stop arrow. Illegal immigration reduces wages and strains. Public services. The lack of border control. Provides a gate way. Are very wide open gateway. For criminals and gang members to enter the United States. Including the criminal aliens. Who murdered. A brave California police officer. Only a day. After Christmas. I've gotten to know and love Angel moms. Dads and family. Lost loved ones to people illegally in our country. I want this to and skied and now. These are not talking points these are the heartbreaking. Realities that are hurting innocent. Precious human beings every single day. On both sides. Of the border. As a candidate for president I promise I would fix this crisis. And I intend to keep that promise one way or the a our immigration system should be the subject of pride. Not a source of shame as it is all over the world. Our immigration system should be the envy of the world not a symbol of disunity. And dysfunction. The good news is these problems can all be solved. But only if we have the political courage to do. What is just and what is right. Both sides in Washington must simply come together. Listen to each other. Put down their armor. Build trust. Reach across the aisle. And find solutions. It is time to reclaim our future. From the extreme voices who fear compromise. And demand to open borders. Which means drugs pouring in human trafficking. And a lot of crime. That is why I am here today to break the logjam. And provide congress with a path forward to end the government shut down. And solve the crisis. On the southern border. It we are successful in this effort we will then have the best chance in a very long time. At real bipartisan. Immigration. Reform. And won't stop here. It will keep going until we do it all. The proposal I will outline today is based or in first and foremost. Input from our border agents. And Homeland Security professionals and professionals they are they know what they do it. It is a compassionate response. To the ongoing tragedy on our southern border. In recent weeks we have met with large numbers Democrat lawmakers. To hear their ideas and suggestions. By incorporating the priorities. Of rank and file Democrats and our plan. We hope they will offer. They are enthusiastic. Support. And I think many will. This is a common sense compromise both parties should embrace. The radical left could never control our borders I will never let it happen. Rules are not immoral. In fact. They are the opposite of the moral because they will save many lives. And stop drugs from pouring into our country. Power plan includes the following. 800 million dollars in urgent. Humanitarian. Assistance. 805. Million dollars. For drug detection technology to help. Secure. Our ports. Of entry. An additional 2750. Border agents. And law enforcement professionals. 75 new immigration judge teams to reduce. The court backlog of believe it or not almost. 900000. Cases. However the whole concept. Of having lengthy trials. For anyone who sets one foot in our country unlawfully must be changed by congress. It is unsustainable. It is ridiculous. Few places in the world would even consider. Such an impossible night. Our plan includes critical measures to protect migrant children. From exploitation. And abuse. This includes a new system to allow Central American miners. To apply for silent in their home countries. And reform to promote family reunification. For unaccompanied children thousands of whom wind up. On our border doorstep. To physically secure our border the plan includes five point seven billion dollars for a strategic deployment. Of physical barriers or a wall. This is not a 2000 mile concrete structure from sea to sea. These are steel. Barriers in high priority locations. Much of the broader is already protected. By natural barriers such as mountains and water. We already have many miles of barrier. Including 115. Miles that we are currently building or under contract. It will be done quickly. Our request will add another 230 miles this year. In the areas are border agents most urgently need it will have an unbelievable. Impact. If we build a powerful and fully designed. See through steel barrier. On our southern border. To crime rate and drug problem. In our country. Would be quickly and greatly reduced. Some say it could be cut in half. Because these criminals drug smugglers gangs in traffickers. Do not stop at our borders. They permeate throughout our country. And they end up in some places where you'd least expect they go all over our country. A steel barrier. Will help us stop illegal immigration. While safely directing commerce to our lawful ports of entry. Many of these security ideas have been proposed by Democrats themselves. And all of them have been supported by Democrats in the past. Including a physical barrier wall or fence. Furthermore. In order to bill we trust and goodwill necessary to begin real immigration reform. There are two more elements to my plan. Number one. His three years of legislative relief. For 700000. Docket recipients. Brought here unlawfully by their parents at a young age many years ago. This extension will give them access to work permits. Social Security numbers and protection. From deportation. Most importantly. Secondly our proposal provides. A three year extension of temporary protected status or keep yes. This means that 300000. Immigrants who is protected status is facing expiration. We'll now have three more years of certainty. So that congress can work on a larger immigration deal which everybody wants Republicans and immigrants. And our farmers and vineyards won't be affected because lawful and regulated entry. Into our country will be easy and consistent. That is our plan. Border security. Docket. GPS and many other things. Straight forward fair. Reasonable. And common sense with lots of compromise. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has pledged to bring this bill to a vote this week in the United States senate. Our proposal. Is not intended to solve all of our immigration challenges. This plan solves the immediate crisis and it is a horrible price it is a humanitarian. Crisis. Like we rarely see America. And it provides. Humanitarian relief. Delivers real border security. And immediately reopens. Our federal government. If we're successful in this effort. Then we can start the border project. Of remaking our immigration system for the 21. Century. Once the government is open and we have made a down payment on border security. And immigration reform. Starts to happen. I plan to convene. Wheatley bipartisan meetings at the White House. So we can do a finished product a great product a product that we can all be proud of having to do. With that elusive. Immigration problem. Whatever we do I can promise you this. I will never forget that my first duty. And ultimate loyalty. Is to you. The American people. Any reforms. We make to our immigration system. We'll be designed to improve your lives. Make your community safer. And make our nation more prosperous and secure. For generations. To come. Thank you and god bless America.

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{"duration":"13:18","description":"President Donald Trump announced on Saturday that in exchange for border wall funding, he would extend temporary protections for \"Dreamers' and those with Temporary Protected Status.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60494809","title":"Trump will extend 'Dreamers,' TPS protection in exchange for full border wall funding","url":"/Politics/video/trump-extend-dreamers-tps-protection-exchange-full-border-60494809"}