Trump honors Homeland Security Investigations special agent

During the State of the Union address, an ICE agent is commended for his fight against gang violence.
4:10 | 01/31/18

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Transcript for Trump honors Homeland Security Investigations special agent
The United States is a compassionate nation. We are proud that we do more than any other country anywhere in the world to help the needy, the struggling and the underprivileged all over the world. But as president of the united States, my highest loyalty, my greatest compassion, my constant concern, is for America's children, America's struggling workers and America's forgotten communities. I want our youth to grow up to achieve great things. I want our poor to have their chance to rise. So, tonight, I am extending an open hand to work with members of both parties, Democrats and Republicans, to protect our citizens of every background, color, religion and creed. My duty, and the sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber, is to defend Americans, to protect their safety, their families, their communities and their right to the American dream. Because Americans are dreamers, too. Here tonight is one leader in the effort to defend our country, homeland security investigation special ajegent se Celestino Martinez. 15 years in the air force before becoming an I.C.E. Agent and getting dangerous criminals off of our streets. Tough job. At one point, ms-13 leaders ordered c.j.'s murder and they wanted it to happen quickly. But he did not cave to threats or to fear. Last may, he commanded an operation to track down gang members on Long Island. His team has arrested nearly 400, including more than 220 ms-13 gang members. And I have to tell you, what the border patrol and I.C.E. Have done, we have sent thousands and thousands and thousands of ms-13 horrible people out of this country or into our prisons. So, I just want to congratulation you, C.J., you're a brave guy. Thank you very much. And I asked C.J., what's the secret? He said, we're just tougher than they are, and I liked that answer. Now, let's get congress to send you and all of the people in this great chamber have to do it, we have no choice, C.J., we're going to send you reinforcements and we're going to send them to you quickly. It's what you need.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"During the State of the Union address, an ICE agent is commended for his fight against gang violence. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"52724583","title":"Trump honors Homeland Security Investigations special agent","url":"/Politics/video/trump-honors-homeland-security-investigations-special-agent-52724583"}