Trump impeachment trial: Day 2 key moments

House managers presented the case to convict former President Donald Trump.
5:40 | 02/11/21

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Transcript for Trump impeachment trial: Day 2 key moments
At some people think this trial is a contest to lawyers or even worse. In the competition between political parties is neither it's a moment of truth for America. The evidence will show you. That ex president trump was no innocent bystander. Evidence will show that he clearly and cited the January 6 instructions whom. Who showed. Donald Trump surrendered his role as commander in chief and became the insider in jeans. All of a dangerous instruction president front Rick the crowd into a frenzy exhorting followers if you don't fight like hell. You're not going to have a country. Anymore war and many Eames street the capital to bearing you'll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength. And you have to be. Strong he told them to fight like hell. And may products now on that today. Now some. Have said. The president Trump's remarks his speech on Henry six was just speech. Well let me ask you this when in our history. As a speech led thousands of people to storm our nation's capital with weapons. To scale the walls and break windows. Kill a capitol police officer. This was not just a speech. The president of the United States said Kuo and there won't be a transition of power they'll be a continuation rule. President trump was given every opportunity. To tell his supporters and yes. If I lose I will easily transfer power to the next president rule. Instead. He told his supporters won't be the only way he could lose the election is if it was stolen rule. In tweed after Sweden. He made sweeping allegations of election fraud but couldn't possibly be true. But what's the point. He didn't care claims were true. He wanted to make sure that his supporters were angry. Like the election was being ripped away from that rule. In mid December. When president trump announced the release of acts including ones entitles the evidence is overwhelming. Brock rules stop the steel roll and he spent fifty million dollars from his legal defense fund companies acts. Stop the steel and amplifies message war these ads were designed to run all the way up to January 5. What. And then he stopped. And this was purposeful and deliberate plan to target this base to rally around acting. Truth is usually seen. And rarely heard. Truth is truth where they denied we're not. And the truth kids. President trump pits and months calling his supporters to a march. On a specific date. A specific time. It's specific places. To stop this certification. And leading up to the event there were high insurance. Hundreds. A post online. Showing that his supporters took this as a halt arms to attack the capital. But. I stood with colleagues in the gallery above the house floor. To observe the Arizona challenge. Oh moments later police radios reported a breach of the capitol grounds. Somewhat and shouted up to us doctor. Then lie down no more than ready your gas masks. Shortly after there wasn't a terrifying. Banging on the chamber doors. I will never forget that sales but shouts out panicked calls to my husband and to my son's. Instructions to sleep and then the constant worrying of the gas masks filtering the air. The chamber of the United States House of Representatives turned to chaos. He did not once. Condemned the attacks. We're back on January 6 the only person he condemned. This is always present Mike Pence. Who was. Hiding in this building goal with his family role. In fear for his life. Pain in the first. Crucial hours. This violent attack. He did nothing to stop. Nothing countless. All accounts from the people that were around him. He was the lighting and pool. We will of course each of us remember that day forever vulnerable. But not in the way that president trump intended bowl not because of the actions of these violent unpatriotic insurrection us. I'll remember this state that they've reverend war because despite president trumps what vicious attempts throughout the day. Altered currents that speech and blocked certification. He failed.

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{"duration":"5:40","description":"House managers presented the case to convict former President Donald Trump. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75810082","title":"Trump impeachment trial: Day 2 key moments","url":"/Politics/video/trump-impeachment-trial-day-key-moments-75810082"}