Trump reacts to House impeachment hearings

President Donald Trump called impeachment proceedings “hearsay” and said he plans to release a transcript of a phone call from April with the Ukraine president.
3:00 | 11/13/19

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Transcript for Trump reacts to House impeachment hearings
On the back to DeVon and cure right now you guys were briefly with the president had to say. When asked about what was happening today impeachment proceedings due course called it a witch hunt has said he had not heard a single minute of it. You're guys take so far on the president's defense at least his first offense now that the first day is over. Steve this is what the president usually does when there is a big story that is out there are whether it was the Mueller investigation towards the impeachment hearings this is what he says it's a witch hunt it's a hoax. And sometimes he just repeats that line. But the unique. Part I think with regard to the president is that not Rosie just repeating the same thing but for the very first time and I start to say this that we have explained this before we went to the president there at the by the lack. Is that Tom for the very first time within the past couple of weeks there were a couple of occasions where he did not talk to reporters this is a man that. Dozens and dozens of times has come out since his presidency at talked to reporters on departure he loves it he knows it'll make news he knows it will play in its entirety. So when he does not stop. For that gaggle. On the way to aid in events when he's leaving the White House it is extremely. Rare. But you did hear from the president something that perhaps he coordinated with the groups of Republicans that he's been meeting with over the past few weeks and that was in his answer there in the press conference Tom. And he said well what we heard today was all hearsay. I'm we heard that time and again in the hearing today Republican lawmakers saying this is all hearsay what we heard from from Bill Taylor and George can't today's the president. Has done some amount of coordination on his message here calm but he does also seem to be. Wavering and that all over the map from what exactly his defense is from that phone call he stood by that transcript which was at the center. I've today's hearing as well on suggesting an easy Opteron exact transcript we still haven't seen it. Art or call summary of the phone call but we still haven't seen that at how many days now is even saying that we would see that all of I think that could be very interest in it does seem perhaps that that's a hard thinks he can play this first phone call we're talking about the first phone call president trump ever happen. How with the president of Ukraine in April 2019 right after he was elected it was a cursory call by all accounts or sources tell us it was. This simply a hello congratulations. Nothing there and perhaps have something at some point the president wanna put out to show. This really wasn't an elaborate scheme from the beginning. But an interesting choice unless they think it. That phone call is completely unimpeachable because. You remember after the released of the transcript of the first phone call there are a lot of people asking why would they ever released this. Eight a lead especially Democrats were seen it's all right there thrust to pick apart. And there's been some reporting any cure can speak to this as well about the infighting in the White House over the decision to release the phone carry much sought and the president even cure Ed has been frustrated that he that he did that.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"President Donald Trump called impeachment proceedings “hearsay” and said he plans to release a transcript of a phone call from April with the Ukraine president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66990631","title":"Trump reacts to House impeachment hearings","url":"/Politics/video/trump-reacts-house-impeachment-hearings-66990631"}