Trump v. Rubio: Little Hands

Watch the two Republican presidential hopefuls battle over the size of Trump's hands.
1:42 | 03/04/16

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Transcript for Trump v. Rubio: Little Hands
He's always telling me. It's probably like 62 which is why don't understand. But the size of someone who's behind him at. And you know what they stay above and was on hand. You can't trust these and a small hands accident 6396 it would senate small hands. Spotlight. And that aren't I never heard I want people I've always had people saying Donald you have the most beautiful hands. He hit my hands nobody is ever had plans have never heard of this work. Look at those hands are they small. And he referred to my hands and this fall something else must baseball I guarantee you this no problem Mike Garrett. Parents watching last night kids watching to you and Donald Trump had traded personal insults in recent days in trouble responding last night your comments about. The size of his hands and without going any further this morning show. You have young children do you regret where this is gone look I I I I regret the way the campaign has become absolutely because Donald Trump for the last year. Has made a one of the most vulgar spectacles in American political history. So what little Marcos abuses crap about the size of my hands which are big. Does hands genetic I'll vote 285. Yards. It's wrong. So my vision for the rest of my life I have the Karen and I have. So I sent to my people.

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{"duration":"1:42","description":"Watch the two Republican presidential hopefuls battle over the size of Trump's hands.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"37401059","title":"Trump v. Rubio: Little Hands","url":"/Politics/video/trump-rubio-hands-37401059"}