Trump’s ABC News town hall highlights

President Donald Trump fielded questions from undecided voters on topics such as immigration, racial injustice and health care.
5:58 | 09/16/20

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Transcript for Trump’s ABC News town hall highlights
I'm fighting a lot of forces sometimes you don't have time to be totally as you would say presidential. You have to get things done. I card you were doing a good job with the pandemic response. Until about me first thing you took your foot off the gas pedal. Why did you throw vulnerable people like me under the bus. Well we really didn't ball we've worked very hard on the pandemic we worked very hard and came off from China they should have never let it happen. And if you look at what we've done with the regulators and now frankly with a vaccine to a very close seven new vaccine. With a leader of a great country we want to keep it that way. I don't wanna scare people I don't want to make people panic and you know I can go out and say oh this is going to be this is death death death. You have to. Run a country we're in a country we got hit by something very unfairly or altered January and February. You you were you're downplaying by your own admission the severity of the crisis that do you wanna panic you know don't let let me just Jewish question first not downplaying. Police because I don't want to drive our nation into a panic alma cheerleader for this nation. I'm the one that closed up our country I close it up long before any of the experts thought I should. Why don't you support a mandate from national mask wearing and why don't you were amassed more often. Well I do Wear them one I have to learn what Hermann hospitals and other locations but I will say this. The senate the Democrat convention they're gonna do a national mandate they never did it because they've checked out and they didn't do it we still. Arguing with a 195000. Asked the United States right now when you've seen dad. When you think about that doesn't give you any pause as a make you think. -- -- anything I could have done differently if anything I think we could two million deaths if we didn't close out the country to you regret not close enough I think we did a great job you have yet to be addressed in acknowledged it has been a race problem in America so revealed oh well I hope this is not a risk problem I can tell you there's none with me. As I have great respect for. All races for everybody in this country is great because of that. But when you go back six months. And you take a look at what was happening you can't even compare that with past administrations even before the pandemic the average black family was earning half. Of what the average white family was earning even if you hold the education garage I can only compared to the past. The the African American the black community was doing better than it had ever done by far. Both in germs of unemployment. Homeownership. So many different statistics even in terms of the clearest silly gap between blacks and hasn't there was a gap but we were doing a good job it was getting better. I wanna know what it is the German due to assure the people like me who work hard we do everything we're supposed to do. Can stay insured is not my fall. I was born with this disease we are not going Jared anything having to do with preexisting conditions we're not prepared pre existing conditions and in fact just the opposite we're going to be doing a health care plan very strongly. And protect people with preexisting conditions. I will say this and they will not do that because I have socialized I had Oregon and social. I just have to stop you there is it just on a couple points number one Joseph Biden has ran against Medicare for all in the primaries but much more importantly obamacare. Guarantee people preexisting conditions could buy insurance guarantee they could buy does the same price as everyone else guaranteed a package of essential benefits. Guaranteed that insurance companies couldn't put a lifetime limit. On those benefits. You fought to repeal obamacare you were arguably essentially that you worry arguing this are joining the court right now to strike it down. That would do away with preexisting or so we're gonna do new healthcare infant promising new health care plan we interview I interviewed you in June. Of lashing he said the health care plan coming two weeks. He told Chris Wallace at this summer would come in three weeks. He promising executive order on existing capital wrote it's you've been trying to strike out of the existing condition hasn't already and it's a much better plan field. And it's a much better plan. Wouldn't you say obamacare I get rid of the individual mandate which is the worst part of Obama care Stuart. And on the little long in the light of the ongoing protests surrounding the deaths have George blade. Rihanna Taylor. And the recent shooting and ticket take up Blake. Do you feel racial injustices are occurring in this nation. And its sell what can be done to address them. Well I think they were tragic events and I do feel that. We have to also take into consideration that if you look at our police they do a phenomenal job. He'll have people joke make mistakes and they happen it happens when they have to make a fast decision and some bad things happen and you also have bad apples. But you have 99%. Great people I know the police forces very well I think almost every one of a Libya look I've been endorsed by so many of up. And these are great people and I will say this a dealer to stop crime we have to give the the respect back to the police that they deserve they've done a fantastic job in so many locations but then bad things happen. But a lot of good look at the statistics black Americans more than three times what more likely than white Americans to be killed played by police and. That indicates that this just isn't bad apples this just isn't choking this is a real systemic and endemic problem. Do you believe that what we do to address this judge is simple where African Americans in this country black communities. OR 81%. In favor of having more police they want more police they want protection. Via they sell for more than anybody else by bad police protection. Altman. They suffer more than anybody else George we have to give we have to give the police. Back to the authority to stop crime.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"President Donald Trump fielded questions from undecided voters on topics such as immigration, racial injustice and health care.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73040390","title":"Trump’s ABC News town hall highlights","url":"/Politics/video/trumps-abc-news-town-hall-highlights-73040390"}