Understanding the Conflict of Interest Issues at Play in the Trump Family

ABC News' Political Director Rick Klein explains the presidential exemption to conflict of interest laws and how they may still affect the Trump family.
3:47 | 01/20/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Understanding the Conflict of Interest Issues at Play in the Trump Family
How big a problem do you think the complicated issue is not perhaps golf or for an. So he has one big thing working in its favor on on solving a problem is which is that. He's right when he says that that the president is example complicated it interest laws but here's one B is maybe pick up with that which is davis' family aren't. Including Jared in the bomb but also including his sons. Will have certain provisions of what they can do Wednesday. And then you look just the couple walked out Pennsylvania Avenue we saw the pictures earlier. Is this this this. Gorgeous and I've bid there it's a beautiful new trouble tell. And that is a a physical embodiment of the potential conflicts of interest to for starters. As of twelve noon today technically he is in violation of his own contract with the government. Because it states that you do that the lease holder I can't have business with the government and guess what he runs the government right now so that that's number one and secondly. Anyone that wants to do any business with the top administration is gonna have that tempting target just a few blocks away. He wanted he needs to have an ice is this meal TDs around the ballroom somewhere I have your nice annual conference your foreign government you wanna throw party of one of the Washington hotels. It's gonna be tempting to find the one with the the president's naval and that invites all sorts of conflicts of interest. Even beyond what he is powerful and vignettes about the fact that his sons still run the family business people and putting new deals and it's really just the honor system so. The only real remedy for this. Frankly is impeachment so short of that he can basically do this as he wants to wants to do it the problem becomes what what his son's doing family. But not I think it to us. Two issues that are raised that he used he is right when he says as I understand and not a lawyer and that they understand he's right of the president can have conflicts of interest but there is and this is my favorite word. In mall humans via monuments. Of the constitution which is that the president not must repay taking money or making money. Foreign powers so if for dignitaries. Stay at his hotel or it is hotels that could be about the value. A violation according to some legal experts. Of the monuments closet is that and there's a question of whether it's just become politically damaging to him. Or whether people just don't care so I love your read on both of those it. So yeah a monuments which is a real word I can I can confirm unlike and my actually hit it but I appreciated saying if it. It's an actual word. Capitalizing the constitution does for emphasis but. There's one thing that it was a little overlooked in their announcement about that this interest a couple weeks ago. Which is that they pledged that any money that came in through. From foreign governments would be donated to the US treasury. Net McDonald did that out of the goodness of his heart as anyone in the room believe that Donald Trump decided that you take this proactive step of the witnesses are. He did it because of the volume its flaws it lawyers say. This could be a problem we don't know that it is a problem but it could be a problem so when the Saudi government for instance the sights set to rent the suite at the trump hotel. Under what he has said he said any profits from that would go to the treasury so he would stop himself property. On the second point that's the real enforcement mechanism Rite Aid. If there's a story line out there it becomes the eight. And he's pressed publicly on why is it that you're engaged in this massive conflict of interest that's what rain today and look. Felt that doesn't apologize every doesn't need the backtracked ever. But he hasn't had the V it kind of concentrated fire of the of the media establishment of the political establishment on him as the president. And you're a sitting target like that and people. It is the pressure could build to the point where it is just untenable and if somebody doesn't pass the smell factor that the people around and telling them that. And that that could be the truth forcing mechanism that it even for Donald Trump and maybe it limits what can get away with Enron days.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"ABC News' Political Director Rick Klein explains the presidential exemption to conflict of interest laws and how they may still affect the Trump family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44936960","title":"Understanding the Conflict of Interest Issues at Play in the Trump Family","url":"/Politics/video/understanding-conflict-interest-issues-play-trump-family-44936960"}