Watch the Elephants at the Cleveland Zoo Clean Up & Cool Down During the RNC

ABC News' Charli James reports from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.
14:28 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Watch the Elephants at the Cleveland Zoo Clean Up & Cool Down During the RNC
Hi and thanks for watching ABC news did time Charlie James here at the Cleveland metro park. You as you know there's a lot of GOP elephants and town for the RNC that we've really come down here and check out the zoo's. Elephant exhibit is an African elephant exhibit they have five of them and we're going to give you a look at the Allen then 23 also of the male Allen and is going to get a feeding for us. And also one of the female elephants know she is going to get back then we will be there. To tell us a little bit more about the exhibit and about Ellis sense we have two guests here with us today. This is daily caller he works with the elephants every day as a handler. And we have anti porn axed she is the director of animal and veterinary programs here at the Cleveland metro parks they'll. So while we have the is the lovely ladies here came out for us three of them. So did just a start Telus a little bit about I'm the animals that live here. Though Blakey said we do have five African elephants here one male four females. Right now outside were looking at them three were females one instance thank. Me here we have Kelly saying get in my ticket. And so Ellis scents are extremely Smart animals. Then we are talking a little bit earlier about how each of them have their own personalities. And their own power dynamics it can you tell us a little bit about what these these ladies are like personality lives. Serve our TK here she's been here that one of the longest heard mostly been here almost twenty years. She's. That squarely cannon shy sometimes as opposed to Calley whose. Pretty food motivated. Moves where she wants two when she wants to you. Chang and the middle over here and see that you wrote it he pretty laid back very friendly gets along with the other elephants. And so Andy this program was that they elephants and the accident was re done a few years ago. Well some of the changes government invited day Cleveland metro park suit decides to focus on Ellison. While African elephant crossing was opened just about five years ago when we went into the design of these habitats with a different philosophy. We wanted to have complex exhibits with a lot of space choice for the animals eating animals choices of the habitats and their environments they choose to be and and so we took a lot of that into the process of the designed. Not knowing how many elephants who'd have at the time we ensure that we had things it would keep them occupied throughout the day and we also put in. Enhancements that actually make the heard a Markel he says and closer together and which is really important announcements. Let's take a walk and I believe Willie is getting ready to be fad so Dave Willie is the only male and hear her acts. And is there any reason that he is if he kept separate and allied artists he socialize with the ladies we. But in with the girls just about every day but when we re read his behavior when he's had enough of them. He comes over and that's us now he's ready for some alone time and over and pull him off and put him in his own habitat agreements and given that. And Wii owners talking earlier Davis telling me some really interesting facts about how the Ellis and spend their days here and specific things that you guys student tried to keep them mentally and shape. Yeah every day is always different for the elephants to keeping staff when they start the morning the first thing we do was get together and come up with the basic game and because every night he elephants. There somewhere different they're sleeping in different environment. Keeps it fresh and new for them and throughout the day they're really never and one. Habitat for more than an hour or two before beekeepers and other exhibits prepared for them new enrichment new things to explore and then there were about. And why it's important for them to be able to make daily choices and determine what Saturday at FBI switch at a retreat we can and alive so. In the wild you know there they have these choices and options to do what they need to do for survival. So we try to provide them with the opportunity to make make choices and have some control. And so let's talk of. Their eggs exactly that it's an elevated fear and we've we've. Plaistow soft throughout African elephant crossing and you can see how yesterday that this had and it's great exercise the muscles in his back in his neck. He knows we actually but some stamps under then rates and higher so they have to climb up to reach for them. These exercises that they do or we're very confidence can help them as the age group. Was he less less problems like arthritis or something. So good for at the body and the mind here volatile owner of these Alison. There they're all in their thirties except mostly she just turned forty Willie here's 37 years old. And how is settled for Allen sent Madelaine only to middle aged. And tell us a little bit more about Willy Elliott got him on his own hair what's that word he come from what's his personality like he seems to be telling people in Cleveland I was coming down here. Everyone talked rally in talent they let him. It ought to guests coming they really appreciate and love Willie. Which he's very mild mannered for a male African elephant. You can see right now is go drainage behind his ears he's going through little must periods those testosterone is a little high which is typical for male elephant. But even as he experiences as he continues to work every day for a sweep we never have. Any issues where he doesn't want to participate. And these council tomorrow about the popularity of this exhibit here. Isn't it kind of visitor favorites. This is a visitor favorite you know eight. It gives a sea of Billy talked about conservation and Clinton matchup park zoo's very committed to cancer patient not on our offense that of several other species worldwide. We put a lot of our resources and a funding into conservation of animals like Willie and educate the public about the importance of saving these vehicles animals and I mean what Muller can you. Do then to have Willie rain front of you and not feel that you need to take action for conservation. Is specifically talking not conservation corps the Ellis cents a what are what are you guys working. Well you know it's interesting because in the last ten years elephant populations have declined by 65%. Most of that is due to illegal wildlife trade and poaching of ivory. And select who the match apart easy dozen other AZ eight organizations as. As we help too bad all illegal wildlife trade and poaching of ivory and educate the public and actually. How that occurs there's 96 elephants killed every day they're angry and that's really impact when you think about it. Com and so bringing them out there having them have a connection with these animals. Two create that experience to have them wanna have a future wildly with us so we really want to guests to join us to secure future from outlined. Out great where and we have something really special that you guys have planned for us we are going to get to see an Alice and taking a back so. Why don't we walk through the exhibit and take a little look at what the visitors here get to see. Leon. No this is the closest that I've ever into an ounce and and it's really. National and tell us a little bit city. That that they inning is part of what you call training for the patents lighting college Adam what are some of the other train. Love elephants are all very well trained here and it takes allowed to take care and properly. We get that's twice a week we hate that the scripted the plant. A thing. Daily to make sure innings healthy vet. We draw blood from elephants every week we can't change Torre X rays projections for anything that the capacity go wrong with and we can hear them. And the. So we're gonna go through the the back way here. This is the behind the scenes part that visitors don't get to see. Let me do this training wet Natalie elephants but we have several species throughout the zoo. That. We train them to participate in the health care until we caught participate in their health care and it's really important. It is very helpful for the fats it brings the stress level down and that the keepers in the animals. And they every choice whether they want to participate that day or not. In order to have us do health check skin checks. I'm checked them for pregnancies. Two heart check sent some of our animals so it's really a complex comprehensive program we yet here at the zoo. It very much she's putting her foot up like that. Michelle Bernard Trainor here's the answer razor made it gave them. Rabbit ears and am. See themselves using only targets. Crane that's different body parts to wherever it's that would place it. This gestured at that are there right. Let up on the fire and went and land much he does that she's getting some sort of treatment is going to be rain forest right now he's using scared to speak the data as it looks like. Adding on what we're gonna have much needed do remain increase the likelihood increased the that civility and reward them that. And and is there watermelon. Real simple behavior meat eater biscuit. And Andy was saying it that a lot of these. Training is our for a health greet them that they can keep track of the animal outfits explain for viewers what they're seeing right now the light years what their feelings. Right now. Nitpicking at her neo make sure we don't see any cracks or big. For the cracks in the bottom of the BP we care for FiOS so brushed that test if you take a look at motion. Maybe they do it left that's been a little bit you'll see it's sort of flattened. He broke part of that about twelve or thirteen inches few months ago sort of standard and splintering. I'm not a real big BO but we did was. You presented through and we can adopt the song and her nerds out there and always nice and flat you know continued growth throughout her life time. Soon the look like the other that way we don't have to worry about cracking and breaking up an area becoming about. You know yes monkey differently in an innate I have total actresses find her body. Experts she had. Injuries rail. We net very well could look behind their various he's very large vein. They draw blood for mostly. And others who. Like we said voluntary on motions by keep in. The site while it looks like she really knows what to do like they don't even have to ask her to pressure air out and she doesn't they really look forward yeah opportunity and work that trains them. That only does it. We're we're seeing an opportunity that they care much better roster billing relationship between the key reason she's. About the stressed that she knows and haven't mastered the anything it's safer and. And how long does it take to develop this kind of bond between man on some train. It never really ends you know it starts. Relatively slow. No more time you know it's not like when they hear your money and that. It is that continues to develop over time so some of the people about that motion network for twenty years you probably may have little mark Preston that person. Then someone just started a few weeks ago. And so for people watching right now particularly kids who say. This is amazing this is so cool I want our but I'll events how do people get these kinds of job. They it is the greatest avenue where a lengths here. Our zoo an image of parks when we require a bachelor's degree in biology is allowing some sort of life science and an inexperienced that a personally yet. Do an internship. It is our sailors and others do. Iron. We're gonna give you a little more of a look at night he's back here and I'm and it's value of about why. The elephant is the GOP simple that actually dates back to 1870s. And earned a very famous political cartoonist. Where Harper's weekly started use saying the elephant to represent Republican voters. And from there it just really gain popularity to the point where even the Republican Party. Adopted the elephant as its official them. Here at most you putting her back but up. So that's being handlers and check yet. You can really see how Smart of animals these are that you can. Trains and Donnelly train them to do that but that they basically learn to do it on there. Everything we're seeing Michelle Michelle is asking your do what she knows exactly what to expect. Doesn't make some cases she knows what we're going to hear themselves as. It is a very good. Between shell and motion. It's significant enough for obvious that the body guards and somewhat vulnerable positions. With a trusted challenged. They say there. Well thank you so much to handy and see game we're giving. This behind the scenes look. That there is an amazing experience tickets to see this elephant that close and thanks to the Cleveland after part do our letting ABC news coming in here. So we'll take one last look at my she's getting watch as we go out they'll be plenty of GOP elephant out here as well while they are here for at the convention. Tuesday through. Thursday they don't have to be there until the evening so many of them are taking advantage of the free afternoon to partake in activities like this through and that part. And the entertainment in the Cleveland area. Thanks so much for joining us. And no she's saying he's come from our letting us join you hearing your bath. I'm Charlie can't stick put ABC news threw out the conventions we'll be aren't the and the DNC. We have. Full coverage across all of our platform. If you want to be not just the gavel to gavel coverage. The politic but all. Fun. Things like this. Thick wet an ABC digital for the next week and.

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