Baylor beats Notre Dame in women's final

The win, which was Baylor University's first title since 2012, came despite star player Lauren Box getting injured in the third quarter.
2:39 | 04/08/19

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Transcript for Baylor beats Notre Dame in women's final
And now are moving on to something that everyone's been following the NCAA tournament a thrilling finish on the court. Naylor holding on to win the women's NCAA championship. Beating Notre Dame 82 to 81 for the school's first title since 2012. The victory was especially impressive after Baylor star player Lorne Cox. Went down with an injury in the third quarter. So take a look at this. I wanna thank the NCAA women's basketball committee they got it right. And the city of Tampa. What great memories. My basketball team has just one attorney tail on sun and autographs. The hotel we're at the grand diet. Which is way far away. But the Tampa police made me feel like Moses when they were parting the sea. They would stop the traffic in the kids just got a kick out of filming that. Notre Dame. Do I even need to tell you had good they are there that they're the defending. National champions can score at all positions. Played his own against us I don't think people thought we could score against as always score a lot of points. Just a great game for women's basketball. I write that was Kim law. TJ Holmes is in Indianapolis. TJ I know you're there for the men's final tonight in the what did you think it is women's game in there and their big win. Did I would have preferred to be in Tampa not from Minneapolis is lovely. What's happened is also lovely as well look. I watched every bounce of the ball in that women's game I've made sure I sat down and watch that game because the women's funnel boards. Exciting and thrilling to watch in the men's final four sometime but you have those powerhouse schools at a Notre Dame in a bailing out these great programs and they just go. Added and it's a back and forth competition they did turned out to be of course dot nail biter indicated for retail Guam make a global Wally who is the point guard for Notre Dame who was thus hero the last just final four. She made those two buzzer beaters to win the semi final and the national championship. And she's the one who missed a free throw at the end of the national championship game yesterday that could've put her team. A possibly it's over topsy is heartbreaking to see her go out like Deborah Kolb just a wonderful career she's had but in another wonderful women's final.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"The win, which was Baylor University's first title since 2012, came despite star player Lauren Box getting injured in the third quarter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"62252196","title":"Baylor beats Notre Dame in women's final","url":"/Sports/video/baylor-beats-notre-dame-womens-final-62252196"}