Chicago's Wrigley Field Gets Ready for NLCS Game 3

ABC News' Rob Hess reports on the excitement outside Wrigley Field ahead of the tonight's game.
9:44 | 10/20/15

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Transcript for Chicago's Wrigley Field Gets Ready for NLCS Game 3
Hi everyone I'm on the devise in new York and big night in Chicago tonight for and I'll be fans. Game three and the National League Championship Series capped the cubs birds and the mats we've got a live report for you now from Wrigley Field ABC's. Rob hats. Joins us live from Chicago rob. What is the mood on the ground these folks have bit of a hurdle to overcome two games down what's going on out there. Hello Lovell from Chicago or outside Wrigley Field I'll show you the scene here. And what we have that is. A crowd of folks who are trying to buy some tickets. To this game game three tonight's. Cubs fans are a resilient lunch. They're happy to have the team back home where they can cure them off. Add the weather is. Quite pleasant after a chilly weekend at New York. It's going to approach seventy degrees here that we put raid earlier but right now it's. Riots clearing up and we look like it will be spectacular night for baseball. As I was mentioning we do have some people it lives looking to buy some tickets here. And literacy of market here a little bit of their experience here with you. Folks are wonder if you could tell us about what you were hoping for here said he allied bought try to buy some tickets. What is the world. Or you're the will call line OK well that'll Asselta but I did notice there were some others here try to buy tickets and so to see if I didn't fight. Somebody Richard Shelby about what they're going through right it's the a couple of folks over here. Rob it looks like that and they are not what you think poser who yes go ahead. Are you looking to buy tickets here today. You've got will call what about you or you aren't waiting to buy tickets are just how long have you been steady alive to buy tickets. Couples. That they give you ready sense of how long it's going to be and whether or not you're really gonna walk away here with circus. Give me a sense of what you are hoping for for the cubs tonight held it doesn't. I believe it was a tough couple of games of New York over the weekend do you feel like they're going to bounce back. Here next year as. That sounds like some optimism to be. A we. Across the street cops store selling memorabilia. Cubby bear all the opposite Porter people who don't have tickets to the gave it washes there crosses the border from Wrigley Field. So rob it doesn't sound like being down two games is keeping the fans found wanting to cheer their team on. Can give a defensive what the feelings been like outside of Wrigley Field is instill some excitement some home. You know this is the first. League division champion on services the first LBS called in the Chicago since 2008 when they played since 2003 rather when they played. The Florida Marlins. Right now there's just as busy as of war this Steve because they haven't. They haven't had a Victor here along they are. Happy to have a chance to see that the person. Obviously they would love to have a victory. It. I got to ask you about this because. This week a lot of people have been talking about that prediction made many many years ago in back to the future. That this is the year that the cubs win the world theories is that something anyone there has been talking about. Everyone is conscious of that anyone who watches social media follows. And anecdotes like. People say that the cubs have been rebuilding for the last three or four years. Many fans die hard fans in particular were convinced that this would be the year that they were hopeful it would be soon. There's a little bit surprised that they are actually able to make it into the playoffs and go this far but now that they're here. There's confidence. And Kerry is Ryan Nece spotting any Mets fans. In the crowds out there in those lines are as it is just that the cubs faithful lining up for a chance it. Here on their team on the home beyond. You know that's a good question that I have been noticing mostly cub fans. And that was something I was expecting to see it occasional bouts but I just threw ago. Maybe dotted this crowd later on the Mets fans will be here right maybe they're not brave enough to show their colors just yet either. She's put the he's something else that this is something and her attended the cubs manager is famous for kind of a laid back attitude and doing an usual pregame rituals like. Bringing in a magician and aren't animals in the club house. Is there any rumor about what he might do before tonight's game. You know Joseph bad for one thing about him is. He's an experienced manager who has tasted victory he knows what it's like to be a winner and he can impart that students young Steve. I haven't heard anything specific that he's going to do but he has maintained a very low key attitude and please visit his feelings. To rub off on his team they are. They are as I said there are you there are several rookies of the starting lineup. A couple of whom were dotted with the team with the beginning of the season so this is definitely. The kind of feeling that. Betty of the players in this undated on the team have not experienced theater so I'm looking to Joseph bad for leadership. We've heard what. They route I have never had the good fortune days. Go to a game at Wrigley Field I wondered you weren't an inside thickening in the sense of what it actually like on this historic field. Review from Wrigley Field was dubbed Betty years ago the friendly confines why. Property backs the bureau Betty seeds who you are looking at this statute mr. cub this who has called him. Everyone talks about how beautiful agreed. He would side of Major League Baseball stadiums are. This one in particular of course the ivy on this on the outfield wall. Interesting to point out that although mr. Cobb and Ernie Banks. It's one of the heroes of the team pretty never played in the World Series the cubs have not pitted a World Series since 1945. And their last. Race for the Pettit was at 2003. When they lost two more tomorrow so. It's a beautiful stadium and it's it's it's it's thrived baseball. Fenway Park in Boston is over the it's so close that it would be about what to show you its side but I dotted their right now to beautiful stadium. Maybe next time it's field history yeah and I think he's pimping out there capping the fat and that's it looks like they need it even yeah they're gonna try to get it and are not there you've got a guy selling programs to. I wonder if any of them wanna hear their hopes and dreams and it theories that. We ask you this are you why are you going to be going to the game today. What kind of feelings did you have about this to you about it you're young fan but you've seen this team get. Get to the point where they are now just one series away from the World Series what do you think about. And. We got a lot of young guys. Know anything. They they were they lost two heartbreaking games in New York over the weekend. What do you think it's going to take for them to bounce back. Maybe three I think they got away. We think it's gonna take for them to win. And after their bats going. It and pitching of course is key to a series like this with their two races having already pitched of the lost what what is left. For the card cubs brewers for the remainder of the seat of the Cyrix. 89. I think handled. And is this your cavalier with here where you offer up and say that again and welcome. Welcome to join the gave thanks for. Thanks for coming your latest had a drinking of the atmosphere are you excited to be that they gave today. About you. I've. An audio nursebot early arrivals here for they gave it of course many people are looking forward to a victory it will afterwards you know it goes yeah eyes will be on how 100 selling programs. For me. Remains of an area. Hagan Burr graves of an area air. Very grants have been hair. I'm Graham.

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{"duration":"9:44","description":"ABC News' Rob Hess reports on the excitement outside Wrigley Field ahead of the tonight's game.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"34609913","title":"Chicago's Wrigley Field Gets Ready for NLCS Game 3","url":"/Sports/video/chicagos-wrigley-field-ready-nlcs-game-34609913"}