Coco Gauff's history-making Wimbledon journey comes to an end

Gauff lost to Romanian player Simona Halep in the fourth round at Wimbledon.
3:05 | 07/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Coco Gauff's history-making Wimbledon journey comes to an end
So my friends we started with some good news and we are in being with good news at Wimbledon N and James Longman is there. Jane Marisa silver exciting tell me everything and about our. Girl cocoa. While committee bus stop I mean look at this beautiful day you guys always say London about whether evident that proof but lost if you needed it. How beautiful London Camby this is not seen a press. Ruth whack we'll wait and see what's gonna happen with the games I haven't tennis time is anyone lawmaker to keep state like wildly famous. Tennis fans out paint what old keeping kind of school almost going on because he content is being played over that. Fans line up on the homemade mount Nance who watched play on the screens outside cold one which is just that. And again hey let me just say just the damn mr. Obama this is why such a special place. Crowns can walk through the courts and what's matches being played most of the much is now. Along doubles pool. Some of the genie is because it's way down in the last eight all the men and the women senate barrel on the so called but it is. To school Aureus and yes you mention Coca and it is sad and afraid bad news that she is out of the competition she just lost. 63632. So some are and how that she's a number seven in the world very very good player forma number one. And I can Teddy from watching she was so disappointed the crowd absolutely and I'll tell you know they love and on the don't care Wimbledon it's what Wimbledon is mindful that. This go have been electrified people hey she's fifteen years old and she pays with a guts I cannot tell you it is incredible to watch even when she is. Game point down break point down match point down in Hamas before this one she paid. A backhand slice down the line that just clipped the line to stay in the game and and go on course to win it this is this gun as a sensation and yes she has lost today. But Walt an incredible run she had of course in the first round beating Venus Williams and that is what kind of woke everyone up to incredible ability. Say act cocoa is out. But we still look to Americans that in the droll little Serena of course he stormed through matched. Against a Spanish national I'm have Alison riske who's the world number 55 she upset the world number one. To go through to the quarterfinal site a lot of excitement on May sell on this the second week the first day the second week in Wimbledon I'm solving it can be campus building at. Think yes games you're living your best life and as a big tennis fan I know you are what are you most excited about. My love Serena I kind of shake when I want to play I just can't cope. We'd watching hunt they body you know she's one of these people who you know what you which Serena you're gonna get so when you go on what's hostility of the day on call one. I'm you don't know if she's gonna have an off day and you don't Nash is gonna have a brilliant day silicon a tough because my eyes and a one of those people and I think that if I'm watching she's gonna lose so let's call what's. So I'm just typing that she she kind of wins this championship she conduit in B record breaker she does. Everyone handles Serena time I'm just obsessive site. That's mine that's mine nothing I'm really really let people which it Serena Williams winning Wimbledon. Or eggs so cool that your right fairness the dog go down thank you so much James will see you soon.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Gauff lost to Romanian player Simona Halep in the fourth round at Wimbledon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"64197530","title":"Coco Gauff's history-making Wimbledon journey comes to an end","url":"/Sports/video/coco-gauffs-history-making-wimbledon-journey-end-64197530"}