College football superfans are living on a billboard

Oklahoma and Notre Dame fans told ABC News why they're camped out on a billboard ahead of the College Football National Championship playoff games.
5:05 | 12/27/18

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Transcript for College football superfans are living on a billboard
So as you know college football playoff season gets underway this evening on ESPN. Most of us are going to this watch the games. From the comforts of her living room the TV studios of bar drinks whatever but some diehard college football fans are living on top. Of that billboard right there. Near the stadium Levi stadium and northern Californians San Jose area. They're going to be live streamed and they're gonna sit it out while their teams play out Janette ten Notre Dame fan and Ruben hunter was an Oklahoma. Fan. Hey that they're joining us this review. Of the issue go flyers. So a couple questions. How long do you plan to stay out there. How well we'll all be knocked out on the 29. In 8 January 8 will be here the whole time. No way to win a national Sanderson now think were anyone in the neck original idea around that we'll see we're trying to be polite but. OK so their games on Saturday. Jeannette won. Why am I here three sperm donated chance into the national Jamie sent to see my harsh when I would be so honored and just so excited to see Irish play a Levi's on January sun and sea the winds. I actually went to this point twelve game against Miami and that in turn out in our favor or there's a mammoth fan here along possibly around bad but invigorated the Irish went. Okay Rubin why. We'll the rich history there's no lease up here. McCain has to be up here is so it's today things are great we get to watch TV Watson because Obama's 75 is TV screen TV. Beat the young fans it's just so blasted city so what's on yet they do get a chance to win some pasture out me the whole tournament there. Did your parents can I think that you're nuts. Absolutely. Yeah OK I think I'm not. Yeah I think they enjoyed though they're getting the whole daily while love about it. The and my mom I was surprised how supportive she was spent. It's not you wanna see your taught a reality TV but she'd like to keep it together early Salome and so here yeah. So that your activities are being life streamed to the war. Most of them married yeah. Egg here okay. Yeah I mean I'm just telling that I don't spew out any profanity that might change with the game on Saturday but. You know we're just playing games are gonna know each other they have a lot of fun to be around other. Answer she's respectful about giving her passion about our schools respectively so it's been it's been fun so far. Seven and and then there's got to be careful. Yet be careful sorry gotta be careful adoptive bagel on the ground earlier in an ever on the Watson is. You can't you gotta towed away knowing from the no more here and really there's not even a 52 rule when it comes alive streaming. But the hack. No no there is not the end there's no grace think it is. Where he go to the bathroom. Everyone's favorite questions especially. A very sophisticated Porta potty that we caddie is. That's on premise that you have to descend from the Melbourne and we're Albany you know lonely guy Nellie I know yes but generally like to spend most of our team here. Okay and is a cold at night out there are no do you have others that are there with the event is it what is it like. You guy it's it's called for sure must thing and bags about six this is too short so I got either. In mind these origin cold shoulders so have country the best way to do that you have hood is it's the fungal cold night. Yeah I know and in almost frozen not but you know what if I'm gonna go the national championship is only worth it. House food who's gonna win it all. He can beat tempo you boo yeah. Yeah. I hate accident come here is a big question for many people it may years. Is finding a location to go to Lou and somebody to kiss at New Year's ready and it's midnight. MT I mean he has dinner end of the house that's not in the cards. How. Lucky fan I want to come in the me up here and single and now we'll. Onions letter. And any out of now. There's does appear behalf. A temporary you can put it off until have to victory indeed jittery 47 degrees so it. 41 degrees actually for the cold tonight sewed. Bear down you guys out there and good luck to the Irish and sooners. Think somebody and a new hires Harry thank you guys so speaking of the weather yeah I. Yeah and you can see there. In the tournament begins on ESP hand on Saturday. December -- 94 PM Clemson nordic dame go Irish for her. And Alabama and Oklahoma Oklahoma facing an uphill battle with Al I have Alabama of course but you never know this is why they played the turn him.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"Oklahoma and Notre Dame fans told ABC News why they're camped out on a billboard ahead of the College Football National Championship playoff games.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"60036525","title":"College football superfans are living on a billboard","url":"/Sports/video/college-football-superfans-living-billboard-60036525"}