Fantasy Football Forecast: Week 15

Meteorologist Mel is here with the weather report to help you set your fantasy lineup.
3:09 | 12/18/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fantasy Football Forecast: Week 15
I'm meteorologist not with your week fifteen fantasy forecaster right in the middle of the anti football playoffs so I have some tips that want to tell you how the weather. Might affect the players in your lineup so we're talking about the northwest today and Seattle. Ali at a San Francisco a series of storms moving in his head and ABM green sound heavy rain and mountains now an area so are not in Seattle. On Sunday when the browns but the Seahawks a century link field at four OIPM. Look at that teacher cast lots of heavy rain in the forecast on Sunday here in Seattle says well how about running backs here but it's not a good situation on both sides. First of all the Seahawks Marshawn Lynch has it out on injury and now start back up Thomas Rouse well he just had a season ending injury last Sunday. Not that there and also on. Browns well. It's difficult to play any running act against the Seahawks defense yet given up the fewest fantasy points that position this season. I see how well had an excellent game last week as the niners but don't let out fully you eat and with it rain I doubt he'll put up those numbers in Seattle. And did Johnson junior is looking more promising as as usage is increasing but he still second in line. In the backfield and it's just scary player right back at the Seahawks defense but on the other can't we have. Gary carnage so we went top tight ends in a leak number three to be exact and we hadn't and sell playing as starting quarterback for the browns. Arnot has won at its top target that fact that the Seahawks defense won their only vulnerabilities is against that tight and positions of is a lot killing form this week. It had a little further south now. To Oakland California when the Packers play the raiders again that chance of rain that wet weather still a forecast here in northern California. So that's while we'll start off with Eddie lacy at running back he. RB one this week he's back at it and he's just been doing fantastic getting over a hundred yards and three straight outings and course many of those and not so great weather. Make sure the airline at this beat and Richard Rodgers is another packer to play in week fifteen raiders defense have allowed tight ends escort all but three games this season. We don't act too far now over to San Francisco weary and analysts had a chance of rain exists here when the bank has played an niners at fort 25. Wet weather in the forecast for much of grown in California. As we head into the weekend so it's not looking good out there. For the angles and forty niners games that's why I want talk about running backs here so Carlos hiking was put on season and I are just this past week. He's been ounces speaks at an but now they niners had no hope of him returning this season. On the other. Good angles well. Doesn't any better yet Tyler IA for now eighty dollars fractured thumb he's out this week an eighty McCarron who is starting QB. That's a huge reason I think he'll be a heavy ranking. Along with that's chance of scattered showers old journey hill into an art are worthy of flex plays a really gonna wanna keep the ball on the ground this week against the niners so we have about wet weather has. Storms out west knocking it looking good up an air for their arrest the country. It's looking pretty nice and get out there enjoy your son people all because football season is quickly coming Internet and meteorologist not now is your week fifteen. She.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"Meteorologist Mel is here with the weather report to help you set your fantasy lineup. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"35846902","title":"Fantasy Football Forecast: Week 15","url":"/Sports/video/fantasy-football-forecast-week-15-35846902"}