Fantasy Forecast: How Weather Will Affect Football Games

ABC News' Mellissa Griffin and Michael Huberman tells us how weather will affect this year's games.
3:09 | 09/09/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fantasy Forecast: How Weather Will Affect Football Games
Additionally it summer's over Labor Day went on and it without her follows later this month but this is that your late summer still trickle of being too is Iraqis an email here in the north. I sell its. It's weird like watching football is going to football games and in September and sort of thing the players or use the lake. In the NFL films of yesterday saying he's frozen tundra. But you know that that boat fantasy perspective in these early in these early games in the season when it's hot out as you know the defense is tire out much more quickly. And offensively consistent players and a pager numbers for me the game I'm lost interest and not just because patriots fan. A lot to get your perspective here from the weather side is. It's patriots in Arizona I have to imagine in the desert is going to be very hot sunny and it's retractable roof stadium and it's still going to be. Obviously Tom Brady is now playing for the first four weeks we'll get into that Jimmy dropped below it is. Do you think both given the heat on Sunday and just the sort of we really no problem in do. Martellus Bennett Rob Gronkowski who may or may not play Chile Natalie they were starting weeks were before is it more like a wait and see what you did last night with the members. Art because he at that he actor Arnold and it may as well you heat actor on the part of its cost and playing in the heat. So we also active consideration. Being without heat in Arizona at each year. So it is dry this feels. I've never felt that he Florida York her Ali is 'cause I love it feels like. But it's different you can read pattern you know it hydrates quicker and mussels as quicker and I think in that that's. It's on so that's why it hurt me it's it's harder to say to play those on that country. Oh. And her. I happened that night and took that as we don't know what's going out we don't know what that's it situation and I feel lake. Without angry at. An upside. Her Emmy acting thing right you have to think if you can have a quarterback hasn't played as as much obviously. Unity go with the more conservative in approach a lot of running lot of guidance that's weather struck not you have to think Martellus Bennett you know people forget that when he was in Chicago Dallas and New York he was a big target. So you know he's coming onto a team where obviously he's playing the best tennis ever reached a great place. You think you know the first for weeks he picked up wins a lot of balls. Anxieties I think if you aren't I think when it started this week yeah chance is to meet one. That's the beauty of your life is reported don't know weakness it. Really is the items on it isn't. Only needs times in week one to beat his or some person. Who we've never even heard of Leslie to touched a hundred rushing numbers ending an outlet by everyone and political. It's always happy when it occurred never know what's gonna.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"ABC News' Mellissa Griffin and Michael Huberman tells us how weather will affect this year's games.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"41978320","title":"Fantasy Forecast: How Weather Will Affect Football Games ","url":"/Sports/video/fantasy-forecast-weather-affect-football-games-41978320"}