LIVE with Team Israel at The World Baseball Classic in South Korea

Team Israel players chat about what it means to play in The World Baseball Classic.
10:47 | 03/08/17

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Transcript for LIVE with Team Israel at The World Baseball Classic in South Korea
We're back here with just AM. And all these classic his team right now at. And he apparently Brian them quietly sent us here our team is. Want to community. And so. This alone the realignment. So how is now with the nuts to two games. Was great news nice to get off its armed tenement. Pitching staff is an extremely well and they've really led our team. And rumors have an agreed time the stadium facilities serving them beautiful everyone's been very welcoming and now we're right. It's amazing that you guys beat she's. One of the top players. At this. Yet both teams it was a far ranks very high and we'll rankings and I'm very competitive team. We're fortunate enough to be the better team on that day ten you know that's the way it turning like this worsens. It's not always necessarily the best team overall and that's who's the best. On the times call that the New London and had anything until that. I think that that we believe in ourselves the whole time and I think within our team we that we don't have to leave and its numerical. We were fortunate enough to play well on. I don't Olympics news. It's. Like religion movie. On it's a really unique situation to see him went along turnovers and bill. In the wake of the strengths as they don't have to be. Citizen of the here hundred of the poll asked a country by yourself to be eligible for citizenship. So it creates a really unique opportunity to grow again baseball and that's one of the goals of the two new. School sports news. Brilliantly and Israel and really around the world. I'm really just spread thousands of this game has done so much for us as individuals and as a team has brought us across the world here. Degree and if we're lucky enough you know it's good to get to the next round. And it's that's done so much needed in my life and I want to share visible world. Chris who is Jewish. Listeners. So once I started running into a man and I'm becoming violent person I can count on the afternoon in my mother is Jewish. And the kind of let me make my own decisions and that's it. Doesn't come around person. I'm always really old Mormon connection is. Much like Jimmy. She was reasonable and accused elements I know wide pan and now we had a Jewish housing. And there. That's a pistol at him. Group and community. There. That's more than it. But to be in the teamwork were almost everyone's Jews and everyone gets skewed. We got an idea the opportunity it is with. His beautiful. There I. Mind you really want history. So. Europe. I think that's the way that enters its. It. Is true. It. Ones are hopefully. People watch and Israel and world. And and it really ugly. And it and actively act justly and school or team would be a generation. It's that are out. Story and now. Ten years they're the ones. Hold. It. Oh. It. I hope they threw their probably the favorite in the eastern minute in this pool at this point recognize a lot of players with the meter leads. Students and the rest. Also it. There are detained and departments. I you don't want to thank you so much for talking. Yes I'm Judy took great sport here with jump in schools. It. He eased the air taxi. And he beat. Is that. Top teams in this right now eyes it's not. News that first base coats. I. How are you. Good in this news. You made me. They did. Yet yes absolutely. Just witness list every years. We're executive director this news it is. Which were abysmal in Israel. It. It was great. You know international baseball's challenging especially. In front. Baseball program already. But we made a lot of progress three years the number of players in the country increased significantly. Starting lots in the program nice. And it basically just gave baseball program is good news yeah yeah. I don't know I've moved around a lot of action from New England originally grew up primarily Cleveland. Exit. You it is now. Yeah I just convexity isn't the best about five months ago Gelman move just like us citizenship so it went national. Yet. I think I really. There sure to mention on the bench and mentioned it. Yeah tell me but that's our guy. This cargo and the lights and. Yours its market. Which might ask a it was from the mentioned rich it's our buddy to a different room his room seats. It's urgent and that we get. It's. Just means. Tested it yet news yes. I gotta give credit for it. He showed up in Brooklyn with a smaller version. It's sort of like. What you wish answers like Christmas. We didn't have it was urgent. Some eyewitness. So all this company mentioned next week. One and now we sort of he sort of room. That we have this effort. Yet very happy thought he comes everywhere since two. Every. No it didn't surprise us though those. We have good guys in the players and you know we're confident that we can basically with anybody so we knew that the expectations. Order from international baseball. Maybe his strongest teams bracket. Internally we feel like we're we really. So. You know it didn't surprise us that much really you know confidence and so there's a little bit of many disconnect the expectation baseball community and the expectations. And it. Re expected. Like mother. Spending that I'm together. Sauce. You don't need we don't talk a lot about that. But there is there's definitely some. You guys on this the third time in the classic in 2012. Media won't wire 2006 you know infection turned 2017. And within each of them to. Chemistry like right away has been. It's pretty unusual for most baseball players ever any achievement. No I think the most Jews and so it's come into the clubhouse alternately. What this means level all the little business and community and everything that really translates on the chemistry this is really what it. You'd be going on lately news that god is sure sure sure that's our that's. But he's going. You know our expectation is just. Yeah you know these. Excellent things manages its.

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{"duration":"10:47","description":"Team Israel players chat about what it means to play in The World Baseball Classic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"45981087","title":"LIVE with Team Israel at The World Baseball Classic in South Korea ","url":"/Sports/video/live-team-israel-world-baseball-classic-south-korea-45981087"}