NCAA athletes to get paid under new California law

Annie Apple, the founder of Heal Her Network and mother to Saints cornerback Eli Apple, discussed the importance of a new law that will allow college athletes to get paid.
5:35 | 10/01/19

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Transcript for NCAA athletes to get paid under new California law
And governor Gavin new Sam making history by introducing a law that allows. College athletes to make money from endorsement deals and sponsors just like the pros it's allowing players to share the incredible amount of wealth they generate for college athletics in this is the law does laws the first of its kind. And it goes into effect in 20/20 three so it's a law that he signed right alongside LeBron James during an episode of LeBron HBO show the shop. In erupted is so take a look. Governor as you've been that now. Getting ready to sign his bill who's been the biggest subsidy have you had. In CIA have you a school presidents boosters hope president who's been calling you felt close husband that this is that they don't have it. Police don't even outsource the phone calls and what are they sent what the hell you doing destroying college sports. Why are you gonna destroy women and they all think this is the end of title nine they're saying you destroying the purity. Of amateurism. Not once. Did they talk about the needs of these kids what they even listen to you your will they listen to the Illinois after assignments and what. Is the power arrangement. So it's a very big deal and I'm so happy to be joined by someone who knows all too well how much of an impact this would be so. I'm bringing in miss any apples she is the mother of New Orleans Saints quarterback. Eli apple any so good to have you today quarterback Eli the quarterbacks so I want to start with what you tweeting you said. When this news came out you Rhode guys I teared up at this. Everyone from coaches their family is assistants. A dean's conference commissioners are getting generational wealth. From college football but the players a 150 years of college football players are still getting what they got a 150 years ago so change is here. This mate you very excited of course that can you just explain why this just. Lights you up. I'm me it is is what are our American cultures about it's about becoming U colleagues. To increase your well you know earning potential to come and name works so hard packed Brian help a lot. The plaguing that we all enjoy watching. And we we noticed that so many or making so much money for example when we want the national title a college football player national title. On Jane hurt when he hit teen. Ani a highest became a billion dollar program but you know how kids got at the index gained at a Batman and its chips are more. Yeah I. The accident happened when you talk about you know those who are close and where we're a what is about to happen at Florida as well. I'm you can expect and those Bennett on the op and would never be part of it is is solution of the problem is that. Dolan electrical power and control and money that he had amassed on the backs of these players. This new law will allow young men and young women in in the April exports to benefit off your own poor. This is American as apple I is a no brainer but we have so much here going on only got you know in this. When this. Cannot have look at this morning on the house out okay role is still standing. So we're gonna be right in the word's gotten lots of a candidate Lamar we don't be all right. This race where it is great. You know. Now go ahead I love that I was I was cracking up a little bit I just I'd isn't it your mind does. The financial burden that family than players actually face when there when they're in college so there's a lot of things that the parents have to front the cost for. Just great misconception that this whole propaganda cost free education is also hosting a free education also people remember back. Act act. Not only scholarship students on campus there are millions of college students on campus who are out and you really benefit all it where. And Mitch they're name and that like. I did it college athlete and you have it. And they're top players go to different charity events to raise money for school. We can't don't need to raise money you month. It makes sense I've seen family. Similarly. When we apply Ohio State to get layers family travels I just see who they are being. We have week we have a right hand in and about under can't acts you don't well as about what our hearts go to read different gains. In its a wrap it close our family. Can't as a young men have children. You have raised their players. Financially destitute. Let everyone around who's made money. Coaches make it ten million dollars a year you have. Didn't like the athletics in May. Not yet they aren't in an inanimate out. So I think this is a great start and laugh it met all work. You can now benefit our own heart where the problem. You're not benefit not the work of anybody else you're not in the product you feel. Asked what you're now able to benefit that is bearing American men are ecstatic every American should be behind his. I hear you miss any apple appreciate you breaking it down in very good to see today saying you aren't thinking yes of course.

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{"duration":"5:35","description":"Annie Apple, the founder of Heal Her Network and mother to Saints cornerback Eli Apple, discussed the importance of a new law that will allow college athletes to get paid.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"65986371","title":"NCAA athletes to get paid under new California law","url":"/Sports/video/ncaa-athletes-paid-california-law-65986371"}