Ex-NFL Player on His Injuries

Former NFL player Brad Culpepper describes his injuries and shows his MRIs to Brian Ross.
1:37 | 01/31/15

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Transcript for Ex-NFL Player on His Injuries
When you show this MRI. To your doctor he's gonna say. This person needs an 83 level may be or level this is your spinal never. This is the jelly. It's like a jelly doughnut. The fluid inside your between your perverts. Okay this is a hernia patient a big one this is turning look at that the court is moving our old. This is huge and I'm no doctor but I'm kidding yankees to take your doctor he's missing you. This persons in pain every single day. There's there's no way he's not to know what he said he's nervous hinged upon that bad and he's not in pain. That the proof might best case it's my medical file. I essentially. To cancer that whole complaint I can just drop my medical file on there and say I'm in care. And I still like they're literally he's done today's yet. And they there there were others in you have the records are the ones that were done in 2011 right. Getting better. State police not to have surgery but this is these are the areas with Richard had a Malaysians so they think they inject previously been injected. They they sell hot broad and they caught her eyes all the nerves in my back for me to go on survivor yes I did survivor. That's out that's how they were asleep on of the bush killed off. Temporarily her or about six months and I had done a month before when I need to do it again.

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{"duration":"1:37","description":"Former NFL player Brad Culpepper describes his injuries and shows his MRIs to Brian Ross.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"28620653","title":"Ex-NFL Player on His Injuries","url":"/Sports/video/nfl-player-injuries-28620653"}