Pitcher Gerrit Cole signs $324 million deal with Yankees

The veteran pitcher has signed a nine-year contract with the Yankees, a record-setting mega deal for a pitcher in the MLB.
3:14 | 12/11/19

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Transcript for Pitcher Gerrit Cole signs $324 million deal with Yankees
And massive news in the baseball world pitcher Garrett cold signing a nine year 324. Million dollar deal you heard me correctly. The played for the New York Yankees he's now. The highest paid pitcher in all of baseball and I'm joined by ESPN's buster only to break all of this down. Buzz of the Tennessee and you know suddenly I'm sort of upset that my parents didn't put me and a Little League team because this is absolutely. Historic. Absolutely and this was a case of the Yankees really flexing their financial muscles. How Steinbrenner who owns the Yankees being criticized by Yankee fans for not being as aggressive with his money as his father George was well on this case he. Absolutely wise. A couple of days ago the Yankees had eight years on the table in their offer for Garrett called. But then how Steinbrenner got on the phone spoke directly to Garrett colds agent Scott boards. He added the ninth year. And the Yankees take away the best pitcher in baseball to put the Yankees spending entry into perspective. They are paying out more money to just two players Garrick call engine Carlo Stanton then the entire Baltimore Orioles budget. That's insane so I have to ask you what when the rest of the team be thinking to know that two players on their team. And this much money. But. Boy I tell you what the other yankees were so excited last night labor Torres. They're short stock tweeting out. At right after this happened Eric judge did the exact same thing I think the Yankees going into 2020. May be the biggest favorites that we've seen in baseball since it was late ninety Yankee teams that dynasty yankees. They're absolutely stacked in the rotation in their bullpen in their everyday lineup now with a best pitcher in the planning Garrett called the front of their rotation. And for people who may not be familiar with Gary Cole I'm sure there's not many who are into but just remind people of his incredible. Talent. The unbelievable talent this is someone went to high school in California. The son of a yankees fan he went to UCLA after he was drafted by the eighties. Turn them down. Was drafted by the pirates. And it after he came at a college and develop now into the best pitcher in baseball. Power stop second facets fastball last year. 300 in 26 strikeouts in just 212 innings he beat the Yankees in the playoffs a couple of months ago. And now he's gonna become part of the team. End and just before we go I mean most people don't know what they're doing for the next decade but a nine year deal seems like a very. Law in time. Yeah it's a tight race that a smaller market team like the Cleveland Indians Tampa Bay Rays. Would never take. But if he of the Yankees and you have tremendous resource is you can take this gamble I talked with the executives about these big long term deals and they really feel like the Yankees can expect. Garrett called to continue was in a league pitcher for about three more years and then he'll be good in years fortress six in the back into the contract. Ease a total gamble the type gamble the Yankees can take. Oh my goodness bus or while I'm glad you're joining us we're both in the wrong profession but it's good to see you think. They get really yet thanks for being read.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"The veteran pitcher has signed a nine-year contract with the Yankees, a record-setting mega deal for a pitcher in the MLB.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"67658602","title":"Pitcher Gerrit Cole signs $324 million deal with Yankees ","url":"/Sports/video/pitcher-gerrit-cole-signs-324-million-deal-yankees-67658602"}