Race car driver, paralympian Alex Zanardi returns to racing

Alex Zanardi, a gold medal paralympian and race car driver, will compete in a 24-hour endurance race on the BMW team.
3:58 | 01/11/19

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Transcript for Race car driver, paralympian Alex Zanardi returns to racing
I'm Elizabeth hurt a New York after I near fetal racing accident in 2001. IndyCar champion Alex Zanardi could be foreign give it. If he thought his death the age we're behind and the two time champion within the prime of his career when he lost both of his legs in the crash in Germany. But the Italian who is best known for his fierce determination and good humor what he's put both of those treats to good use earning. For gold medal in the care Olympics winning he's did vision in the New York City Marathon. And Iron Man competition. Inspiring thousands along the way. And now thinks 28 specially designed reef Karim steering wheel from BMW. He is about to race in the iconic Daytona 24 hour endurance race competing against some of the best drivers. In the world. I don't know whether you can corner the medical. Without him that's what I'm animals used by the affected by hot stopped seven times and that's to be the enemy and seven times. So this time everybody wore. Asking to me did you have a step back and told. That this will be the question I would be independent one every gene called all of my life that was the most people don't think. But then deep in my mind I knew that these Avant I would find a way to that I would cut efficiently plea gain. Let's face hustled off a connection between mind lane and and the machine that will be driving how will be the same driver before. So I'm for anybody FB. Incur the new filed for the opportunity of being given from Vietnam. NBC's comes. Eyelids and other driver. Once before one school pan out. Spots couple months we have these incredible teammates. I'll join the boy these guys have fought these guys that. May they added and fool me. As an old man I am. As I am you know due to match the performance isn't cutting the needs of the lines the first question of the ingenious wars. What can you do this they will like it for us that probably got a man. Pop back to attract web ninety mainly because we do this looks like almost the bands it's it's very nice and I don't think we giving up any time that. In spite of the fact that we have to open a the next of change by changing the speeding because I am my own one. Good stuff live this is the proper mechanism and nine mainly use. This would mind let's ban them. These dogma is made because when they that I I think that each liftoff a little vulnerable when they film left. It's almost impossible division couple slow. By changing that if I can go and still open way. The mechanism Fannie well yet planned stop quite BZ when they drive but. The stop what say is that I'm not so far behind and stay tune because. Whether the wedding night my view them. My name's my the third in the nation needs to try to do what I cab to the best of my admittedly. But you can't always be the best he could be the best you can lease is the name of the game and that this will provide you. Sense of something back. We'll piece of life. Zanardi says many drivers have congratulated him on making it back to the highest level of motor sport. After his injuries but. That might be until they see that he'd actually faster then them and then they might not be so happy to see him anymore but. That 24 hours a Daytona race that starts on January 26 at the Saturday with a checkered flag dropping on the 27. I'm Elizabeth her and you're watching ABC he's life.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Alex Zanardi, a gold medal paralympian and race car driver, will compete in a 24-hour endurance race on the BMW team. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"60319419","title":"Race car driver, paralympian Alex Zanardi returns to racing","url":"/Sports/video/race-car-driver-paralympian-alex-zanardi-returns-racing-60319419"}