Super Bowl Media Day Preview

ABC News' Aditi Roy checks in with the NFL superstars and fans who are gathering for Super Bowl 50.
6:04 | 02/02/16

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Transcript for Super Bowl Media Day Preview
Keep growing at. Unite here to get this Colin. There haven't watched the EU action down here. Turn around its way. We're all kind of very important players aren't you. There friends and a number sixteen seed has a huge huge crowd right around him. If that happens. Back. Don't have anything cost him. Go well you don't. Everything there was anything is it okay. Finger. People are people who. It is my office. Rookie actually this is being. One those experiences like that talks at all you know really unexplainable. Feeling. Really feel. Then losing game into the wounds. Here this club which analyzes loosely it's. Old news. Get your head off yeah. Knows this in moments of his. I'm game. You look and yeah. Okay. Lucas who. I don't know how to implement flexible and confronted probably like Christmas music do you think got a lot of it's always fun. Very proud of investment. Between your fifth. Yes the victim. We're back into the good job of people at the facility through the job benefited. The ministry football salute. Really not. A woman so. Without thinking. And I am gonna area I did. Yeah. Just don't understand just open him. I've contacted for minors and then. It. Where you were supposed to be united and orange. But there wearing light on Sunday. So I screwed this up completely. I learned honors. Yeah. I can't sit very well. Don't forget get good so that the deal like China where the team colors and work my home town. My favorite. Our readers that I'll hyperventilating because of the mistake. If that helps. You know. Yeah now. I see right here. I got good music. I'm excited. Yeah your mom's. There will be here there's a the strength. Is there fighting every. Biggest thing. Very bluntly. And everything. Yeah. Its U verse. Yeah. I heard every hour of the night Allen. It's. At its neck movements. And just very. Don't tase me this thing being run in Florida. C a lot of saying thank you can't. Reliever.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"ABC News' Aditi Roy checks in with the NFL superstars and fans who are gathering for Super Bowl 50.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"36674400","title":"Super Bowl Media Day Preview","url":"/Sports/video/super-bowl-media-day-preview-36674400"}