Year in Review: Sports

Check out the highlights of 2015, from "Deflategate" to Serena's US Open loss.
3:31 | 12/22/15

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And I. Depleting gates begins our national dialogue. As review quarterback Tom Brady with a good memory would be air pressure in the footballs during the patriots rout of the colts in the immediate future. Fifty and one. But Brady wasn't distracted from his NBC performances we'll work tonight against the Seahawks. Undrafted rookie Malcolm but this game senior. Come back. When he. The NFL investigation led to ease sanctions and a board game suspension for the star quarterback. After multiple appeals a federal judge overturned tension at the time of greed and hatred to win ten straight to start the season. Venues they're both rallies and let's get. To get there for the first time. NBC seven curry in the cold feet or your voice to be NBA championship trophy for the first time since 1975. Boiling LeBron James Cleveland homecoming the warriors picked up where they left off. Streak in NBA history. The spartans. American Farrow gallery. Three becoming the twelfth horse to win the Triple Crown ending a 37 year drought. Okay. When he was year old Jordan steam since the golf world on fire with a dominant masters performance. It under scoring record and becoming the second youngest masters winner ever. After winning two majors and has pursued the Grand Slam invaded Saint Andrews where he missed the playoff round by. We'll and his superstar Serena Williams. The first three majors but tripped up by unknown talent won't get ranked Roberta Vinci who pulled off the road block. Today's my day so they gags. Ohio State defeated top ranked Alabama and ward. Behind third string quarterback Cargill Jones could play in the first ever college football playoff NASA. We can't weather finally caught any Pacquiao but the title fight did not live up to the night ending with a Mayweather winning. That keeps him if I'm around and stuff the study. Hold. I know that my career has come full circle NASCAR's Jeff Gordon circles. Track one last time. So at peace within and Kobe Bryant announced this would be his final season of the story when he here NBA career and in the NFL. Derrick Thomas became the first time he now remembering. Tim Welker was hired in the pre season by the cardinals to serve as the first female us. Into the NBA summer league and he's given that this first flick titled in the women's World Cup probably turned in the great. Everett a final horn averaged sixteen minutes into the game. The US be invited. For the first World Cup triumph at sixteen.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Check out the highlights of 2015, from \"Deflategate\" to Serena's US Open loss.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"35909370","title":"Year in Review: Sports","url":"/Sports/video/year-review-sports-35909370"}