Angelenos stay up through the night to see the super blue blood moon

ABC News' Nick Watt chats with people gathered at Griffith Observatory in L.A. to watch the lunar eclipse.
6:10 | 01/31/18

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Transcript for Angelenos stay up through the night to see the super blue blood moon
We were just up in the telescope dome and they have a massive telescope on that million. I'm doing this way it's that way. And that is what they have been screaming at it to the world I looked through that telescope with pretty cool if you're not in the pot the totality. I'm sorry. It's actually quite cool if three just the western part of the US Hawaii and then that other bit of the world this hasn't been seen in this country. Since 1866. Briefly on the science what this is the trifecta it is it's implement because it's closer to earth. Than usual it is a blood moon because the parent is fully blocking. The moon from the sun and it's a blue ruined because. Is the second full moon within one calendar month which frankly doesn't actually add anything to the visual spectacle but it gives us that trifecta which were hoping to school. Enough with the science what about the superstitions well. Some native American tribes believe. That this is a sign that things are gonna change here on aren't that inside Africa it's an ancient lore has it that is the mood in the some. Fighting against each other and we are math. Must be in harmony in must get along as a good example to them to the mood in the sun the name hospitals to get along. Buddhists also believe that some buddhists that this. He's really. The jury in this moon what ever you do whatever did you do we magnified tenfold weather's good or bad so you go to begin neck here. We be keeping our lights commit low because. Verity of people go really angry at us just before that he had fatality that we had a lights blazing and it was of course obscuring their view. It's TV the united sometimes you're the bad guy. There are a lot of people I hear they're getting here to back 3330 in the morning to watch this because you know hasn't happened in a long time is a guy every year. I was telling me haggard looking was me doesn't need makeup and so I'm not gonna put him on the Lester good morning. Oh yeah literally putting I'm the only critic and and on the light on the spot in the spotlight again you've done your hair little bit since I saw you say you're looking pretty good yeah I did raw lot of bad one at some point 18. Get the so rarely see it is I think go to bat that well. That's my feet grant I don't know I don't want to sleep. Gas and 46 it's pretty cool yeah now this is awesome hi I'm going to I didn't know somebody I didn't expect so many people to be here. Com I'm definitely going to come out here more often now. That mean this is a thing this is a grateful that they can never be your during the day or do you had donated he sleeps during the day. These days up and I track to dispatch from mark. But I was sickened. My sleep did what the deal hopelessly you're black and sounds like I'm not a Cadillac already I might as well. And the eclipse tomorrow is gonna not be a fun day at work anymore radio is under Stewart. I mean it's. If I kinda sent my own hours but still I have to get have a lot of things to do you believe it was a your classic Angelina just say your time to get it. My trip through Seattle but I have lake. Stuff to do it that hundred stuff to do is ciskei got a jam it into the season warned area and. Trying to destroy this for me what do you think it looks like. Clue what words would you use like it had or not. Stellar they're not having to do the universe like advised to describe it as something on earth. It looks. Don't like it looks like if you're in a dark room. And far far away there's a pinhole it. End and there's a tiny bit of light coming through that pinhole and otherwise and on park Colorado. I mean we were looking it is not flag. The idea actors over in Colorado where we have another died at bats clash DA analyzed Hayat I told my friends like track and check for the clouds before we leave and let. We're not today Columbia. Well listen I'm good look at work today's Laura whatever this map updates is that what we're gonna go look at this them. Huge telescope budget really. I understand. I'm blossom blankets world old world gold so Chris you come. What's the candidate I've no idea that is that is go to red flashing light the counter balance that okay. And so yeah a second you're all pointing at the news no morning. Why are you pointing in the opposite direction I'm looking at Jupiter because I figured everybody else is playing at the movies like united that's. Have that helps people get something differently yeah. And and it is it. Good is it best are looking at Duchscherer under these conditions than others and is sticking good time to look at Jupiter. This isn't the time. Well not not any different than a little bit and than normal. And Jupiter is actually great target for and urban setting like this because right nothing you don't worry about light pollution. Oaks theater can realistically Los angeles' all in the right there's a lot of light pollution here but we do so get a pretty good. Yeah and this this them what we're seeing here is this a triple blue blood and we know whatever we're calling it yes. Are you totally unimpressed whether that's trading your back on it no life it's time to take pictures of that through my to my camera okay so I got pictures of the please eclipse. Okay Larry asked as if she were to get paid. And I mean this we haven't seen this north Americans 1866. I think about 150 years of like OK so knowing your lifetime and I'm like all right. And any different that is the blue moon and that's always did an advocate red herrings to me defensively we doesn't actually change the way it looks for a stay right. This is the guys the second polluted among yeah at sundown tonight I'm not sure how true it is that I heard before that and that are in the early farmer's almanac. The second full moon in the months. Print fleeing. Pence and they are. I didn't and that's why don't know how true that is but I heard that but I like it I'd like sounds great bulls on the things that partridge attorney should be treated. Well listen thank you very much and I'm glad we got this old Jupiter thing friend as well as a bonus to look at his. IP nick books. I've been here in Los Angeles. Dubai.

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{"duration":"6:10","description":"ABC News' Nick Watt chats with people gathered at Griffith Observatory in L.A. to watch the lunar eclipse.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"52740457","title":"Angelenos stay up through the night to see the super blue blood moon","url":"/Technology/video/angelenos-stay-night-super-blue-blood-moon-52740457"}