Apple Allegedly Working on Hack-Proof Smartphone

Tech giant Apple said to be developing stronger security measures for smartphones.
0:53 | 02/25/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Apple Allegedly Working on Hack-Proof Smartphone
In today's tech sites apple said to be working on an upgrade for security reports say the company is developing ways that would make it. Impossible for the government to hack into a locked iPhone using current methods such a move could set the stage for more legal battles in the future. And it looks like Siri could soon be coming to your Mac their online reports that claim that apple will unveil the new feature in June as part of the company's next software update. Siri has already been rolled out for all of Apple's mobile devices including the ice bone and apple watch. And Hoover has just launched a new motorcycle service who were moto gives customers the chance to select a two wheeled vehicle the right on the new program currently available only in Thailand. And despite a helmet requirement it will likely never be available here in the US. Or we hope so at some point but he looks happy about it to have safety first and those are your tech bytes have a great day.

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{"id":37184532,"title":"Apple Allegedly Working on Hack-Proof Smartphone","duration":"0:53","description":"Tech giant Apple said to be developing stronger security measures for smartphones.","url":"/Technology/video/apple-allegedly-working-hack-proof-smartphone-37184532","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}