Apple Introduces 1-Pound iPad Air

VP of Marketing Phil Schiller calls the newest iPad "the lightest full-sized tablet in the world."
3:07 | 10/22/13

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Transcript for Apple Introduces 1-Pound iPad Air
We've been busy working on -- next generational bypass. And to tell you all about it. I'd like to invite fill back up on stage. -- -- is delivering a new vision for mobile computing unlike anything that has come before. It all began. At this amazing nine point seven inch. Multi touch display and the incredible power and -- for software. The ability to hold the Internet in your hands. -- surfed the web to your email and make facetime calls. And over just three and a half years the team has been on a relentless pass out every year. Updating it with newer and better versions each delivering further on this incredible vision. The mobile computing it's quite remarkable what they've done. Today we think we have the biggest step yet in delivering the vision that is. Would really love to show it to you right now. Nation I've had been there. Lighter more powerful than ever before. In incredibly. Exciting we knew -- so many ways that it deserves. The new name. This moment. -- -- -- That begins at that beautiful. Nine point seven inch Retina Display. -- you look closer you see. The -- around it it's smaller than ever dramatically so let's bring the previous generation and let's do it. You can see the bezel is 43%. Thinner than the previous version. They -- more comfortable holding your hand. When you look at it from the side see how amazingly. Thin it is -- let's bring in the previous generation next to it. Dramatically -- to seven point five millimeters -- that's 20% -- across the entire device. Have to make an iPad this thing. Took a huge amount of work over years the team it's just been remarkable and finding every ten. And every hundredth of a millimeter from every level of the system from the vessel to the multi touch surface to. The display and battery and enclosure. Shaping every hundredth of millimeter and the benefits are not only making it thin but lighter to. The previous iPad -- one point four pounds the new iPad Airways just. One time. --

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{"id":20650116,"title":"Apple Introduces 1-Pound iPad Air","duration":"3:07","description":"VP of Marketing Phil Schiller calls the newest iPad \"the lightest full-sized tablet in the world.\"","url":"/Technology/video/apple-introduces-pound-ipad-air-20650116","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}