Apple invites media to developers conference

Plus: Walmart's android tablets have hit the market.
0:52 | 05/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Apple invites media to developers conference
In today's tech bytes Apple's next big event the company said documentation is that the media force developers conference on June 3 the illustrations on the invitation could events. To what we could see including new details on apple arcade and a new MacBook Pro. Wal mart's android tablets have hit the market going head to head with Amazon's fire and Apple's iPad. Wal-Mart is selling three devices they range in size from eight to ten inches in one has a detachable keyboard. All three cost less than 100 dollars and consumer reports is blasting tussle as advanced driver assistance system. It says the automatically change feature on vessels navigate on auto pilot. It's far less competent than a human driver in response Tesla says millions of miles have been safely driven using the future. Room for your tech bytes every day.

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{"duration":"0:52","description":"Plus: Walmart's android tablets have hit the market.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"63223354","title":"Apple invites media to developers conference","url":"/Technology/video/apple-invites-media-developers-conference-63223354"}