Looking at Apple's newest releases

What’s new about the iPhone 11 and the Apple Watch Series 5?
4:05 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for Looking at Apple's newest releases
I'm Trevor all the inside the apple midtown Manhattan kind of iconic Fifth Avenue location and you know. The release of the latest and greatest Smartphone technologies become an annual tradition really a cultural touchdown this year we have iPhone eleven. And the apple wants series fox. I for an eleven comes with a sack and ultra light camera. And it's gonna let you take four times more scenes for wider photos like landscapes tight shots action video. It's also gotten nice note for those very low life photograph. And it got amazing longer battery life becomes six signing Collard we're excited because we got amazing more powerful camera systems this year. We have big leaps and battery life though everything that's going to be great benefits you get the same new ultra wide camera but you also have the telephoto cameras it's easy even more versatility as a photographer or a video person. So you can zoom into Iraq to get closer to your scenes you can also zoom back to accident got this amazing four times optical zoom range. Seeking get close ups anything soon back for the wider camera. That's like having three lenses in your bag and you can really takes an even more epic photos and videos that way we tried really hard to make the interface super easy for anyone you don't have to be a pro photographer. On you can just go and we make in your face in Merced. You've got three little options to tap to switch between the cameras and convening easily without familiar soon we'll across cameras. He issued an all these incredible know it's like Sloan no time lapse for K sixty. All using either camera that we have sent super easy I think to service a slow speed. There and you can't take slow pace on the frank camera now you can take amazing slow motion videos that we can't we see people come up plant how long have you personally. Warning apple wants. Since the very beginning by the errors this which favorite part of staying connect dead at keeping track of my health and fitness really helps you live a better tank so this is the series five's. Contained less than what's different was serious cuts victory. Police say series five never always on display which means they no longer black and it wraps. Seeping through the time and all the information that's important to you a fanatic contest to help you with navigation. And international emergency calling I've heard that a lot of people were asking for the always interface. What's the what's the draw. The dry you can think of some of these situations where that would be helpful whether you are on the subway area cooking for your exercise in just one will be able to take a quick glance at the screen. It's everything you need but the watch where it's tech hard impact ball field receiving notification thing looks like he's taken a hard fall which I like to summon emergency services. I'm which you can actually do right from your resting before the fire emergency contact and emergency services. So it's a fantastic safety feature we hope you never have to use it but it's their feet and righteous to case what do you think is the big appeal of the we have a very passionate constrains what we love about it is the ability to stay connected right at a glance. So it allows you to be connected to their loved ones. How health and fitness can handle that keeps you Smart coaching and then just listening to music and podcasts from your exercising rental rest to turn by turn directions. So that sit here if you're navigating somewhere absolutely handle it. Yeah I you can feel the haptic feedback right on the back of your rants OK so whether you're driving and just feel they settled taps when it's time to take a left or right or when you're walking. You get that information right. Garofalo KC you don't have to actually look at the map. Yeah exact writing down the road. And if a right turn is coming up until now been able to see him at Alexio you'll feel it and then you've got to turn yes and pop up pretty again could even added muted. If you want to get absolutely I have this sound off on mine most of the time again just well I am not haptic feedback. Apple alone releases its pre sales figures for high phones but most early reports are saying the iPhone elevens already selling better than its predecessors. I'm cover all watching ABC news life.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"What’s new about the iPhone 11 and the Apple Watch Series 5?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"65735969","title":"Looking at Apple's newest releases","url":"/Technology/video/apples-newest-releases-65735969"}