CES in 60 Seconds: Genius Ring Presenter

Is it a ring? Is it a mouse? It's something.
1:25 | 01/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for CES in 60 Seconds: Genius Ring Presenter
Yes Joanna stern at CES 2013. And I was just proposed -- No that's not true this is actually a ring -- present terror and Sam you're gonna tell us all about it in sixty seconds right yes -- hearing out. Parents that this is every presented it is a wireless mouse and the peace in -- one what it does -- you. You caught that sensor is -- -- mental disease you until it. Contrary with the with the and -- -- like -- wireless mouse. The -- south as those of that -- of them houses -- alone when you browse or when you do anything with the regular amounts so how how far can this this stretched him. Is running the point where wireless is up ten years says that pre season. And that an act. Exactly you're living remnants that -- that -- exactly and when useless to present MO but it -- is -- can answer. Enters life -- like previous -- like all that's done. By clicking around that this -- presented. Ellison has the built in laser pointer -- here so long that they need that in the presentation zoning. He doesn't have so last question how much -- -- -- and when can you get. Is the story on the Amazon.com. As strident and it's obvious -- the 999 -- -- -- diamonds. No survey that it -- are right thanks so much.

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{"id":18153709,"title":"CES in 60 Seconds: Genius Ring Presenter ","duration":"1:25","description":"Is it a ring? Is it a mouse? It's something. ","url":"/Technology/video/ces-60-seconds-genius-ring-presenter-18153709","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}