CES in 60 Seconds: Vizio

Vizio shows off their Ultra HD TV
1:23 | 01/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for CES in 60 Seconds: Vizio
This is -- and it CS 2013. It videos barber Eminem -- right now -- Matt from busier and Matt you're gonna tell me in sixty seconds why you that's assuring of course TVs at the show up. So what we're standing in front of actually is a seven -- ultra high Def. Panels it's actually four times the resolution of a normal panels there were running at half -- he can actually see -- -- pixels are. It's one of the largest -- to death TVs -- gonna see out there. -- come in the second half of this year and we have multiple -- coming but we're showing the seven inch here today. Also we're showing a naked -- treaty that's actually based on a four -- panel and we believe -- when the best naked -- 3-D demos to today. And then we're showing a whole compliment on our am series and he series TV starting whether he inch and series will be here in spring. He is showing some stuff that aren't TVs right yet we're showing a lot we have a completely new computer range including an eleven point six -- windows eight tablet that's full exceeding six. And we have to -- tablets nutrient -- cellphones. All right when is at this TV coming out how much is an. This TV we're not announcing costs yet but it's coming in the second half. The M series TVs are coming in spring in the TV -- in stores and one last question you guys are saying notably more affordable rate. How much money it's always a -- from this are -- so much.

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{"id":18156665,"title":"CES in 60 Seconds: Vizio ","duration":"1:23","description":"Vizio shows off their Ultra HD TV","url":"/Technology/video/ces-60-seconds-vizio-18156665","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}