This day in history: Jan. 9, 2007

Steve Jobs introduces the first iPhone.
3:00 | 01/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for This day in history: Jan. 9, 2007
In San Francisco in domestic news today one of the most highly anticipated product roll outs in memory. Within its iPod Apple Computer change tell Americans and the world by and listen to music. So when word spread that apple was getting into the business of cell phones and televisions. Expectations were very high. Apple CEO Steve Jobs said his company will introduce a box to link your computer and your television. And they'll introduce a new phone that does just about everything. Here's ABC's Neal Karlinsky. Outside the MacWorld conference this scene was somewhere between a rock concert at a religious experience. Today apple is going to reinvent. The phone. The iPhone has been rumored for years the real thing makes calls please movies and music and seeks to do no less than revolutionized the cell phone industry. And computer world. Apple's combined a lot of technologies were out there in different products they lump them all together they seem to have done well and so that this is right on the edge of being revolution. They could be as revolutionary as the original iPod. Jobs told us the phone was born out of frustration with traditional cell phones one of the big motivating factors for us this is just that creating something that we don't want. Ourselves to security is so tight it took us all day to get exactly two minutes alone with the phone. The device itself was actually pretty small you can see the very being it only has one real button they call this home button the rest is operated on a touch sensitive screen. They say this phone alone is an iPod cell phone a computer and a Blackberry. All wrapped into one apple is already sold more than seventy million iPods and clearly dominates digital music. But the cell phone market is bigger than music more than up billion cell phones are expected to be sold worldwide this year. Apple's entry into that market is a clear shot across the bow of traditional cell phone providers. Koppel can not see takes the market share away from. HPS and home mom that there's a lot of room to grow up. The iPhone comes out in June and if your iPod success is any indication you may be seeing a lot of Neal Karlinsky ABC news San Francisco.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Steve Jobs introduces the first iPhone.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"60217290","title":"This day in history: Jan. 9, 2007","url":"/Technology/video/day-history-jan-2007-60217290"}