Self-Driving Trucks: What Could Make Automation Safe for You

Attenuators are creating an extra layer of safety for road workers and save lives.

3:00 | 09/30/16

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Transcript for Self-Driving Trucks: What Could Make Automation Safe for You
You can imagine being a road construction work there it's five where he sits in the morning. Leadership does almost over you're looking 41 home your fountain. You and for your coworkers standing in front of that for 88000. Pound vehicle traveling 65 plus miles an hour. That driver has dozed off despite being radar aboard the arrow toward the strobe lights everything. Piles from sixty miles plus an hour the 8000 pounds. Actually. Everybody had in the home that morning. That's what we do that try to save their lives. In our development of the TM make tracks over the years we've applied as much technology to the trucks this weekend converting them from being dumb stuff. Smarter they are the last my friends to save lives. The concept. Having an unmanned CMA is something we plane went for some time. The AT and a truck Stanford economist truck map and its anyway. Basically when folks are working on a work zone this is the truck that was designed. To protect their lives the way it's act is a vehicle hits it and in all problems then. Royal parks as we actually developed a system which we call our multi platform application can we have a vehicle control computer. And then we had actuators for the steering the breaking accelerator. And these are essentially motors and they receive input from the vehicle and here in tells it for example on how much to turn this hearing will. Whether it's turns zero laughter right. How much do you engage the break or gays accelerator. And then you have sensor inputs to come from let's say obstacle avoidance or the other GPS sensors and video that are used for automating the vehicle and giving it the autonomous capability. And that's where you're gonna see isn't it a shipping industry drive which we see here in the days of play and now the vehicle is serious now. The break and then and then gas panel are being controlled. Because this evening news and data from the leader of vehicle. And we're sensing like policy goal in the past minute that it is traveling and. And I later follow our operation. Villa and access some actually uses a velocity heading position data from the man's leader vehicle. And transmits that date and packets of information to the unmanned follower vehicle in what we call. And easy grounds and allow that follow are being called to mimic the exact speed heading and direction of the collar vehicle. Where we differ from do go are tasks lie is that. We actually can sol. Something like an autonomous and road crew vehicle that still has human oversight but can contribute in a huge way to reducing fatigue reducing incidents. Is going to be really important step to not only. Making it easier for the public to accept its hottest vehicles but also to help guide legislation on how we're gonna regulate these machines. I honestly seen. A bright future where a lot of unmanned ground vehicle applications for the commercial market as the infrastructure. He pays more. And more road construction is needed a lot of states are starting to recognize the value of these trucks. We're basically pioneering this industry we're making you said the latest cutting edge technology to make it work environments safer place every day. We we feel better and better about what we do. And that's the juice that keeps us going we build these trucks.

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\n\tAttenuators are creating an extra layer of safety for road workers and save lives.

\n","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"40446446","title":"Self-Driving Trucks: What Could Make Automation Safe for You","url":"/Technology/video/driving-trucks-make-automation-safe-40446446"}