Email Apps: Fight the Anxiety

Mailbox, UnRoll.Me, Sanebox and other apps help address the e-mail agita.
2:58 | 04/26/13

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Transcript for Email Apps: Fight the Anxiety
Oh yeah. Yeah. It's on the join of what's been undermined. I mean I've been struggling a lot lately email -- know it sounds easy but. So many messages and I can't bring archives where lines him I don't what to do with all the others. And I feel like everyone all my friends hate me when I don't respond. Its interest it and how does this make you field. Really sad and really really really anxious. That was -- really -- in my hearing this correctly. That's really -- you -- Really it. It's true have some serious email I never prioritize the right messages and my hiring -- -- from the fast. The number of -- -- over the last couple months of first instance all of these problems. The -- they work. The first -- it's called mailbox it's an app for the iPhone has one main goal to get your inbox 20. With each message you can do four things delete it. Archive it set -- reminder about it and add it to me to do. A long fight to the last but he -- reminder and a reminder to deal with that message at a later time. I -- playing at this option at first but it requires a lot of work you have to go through each message really think about it. Also only works and Gmail right now and it's only available for the iPhone and some -- surprised that you actually do a lot of work but same -- -- care all that work for you it doesn't sorting in the background and decides what messages are important and not. You can login with your Gmail and Yahoo! were allowed -- -- -- -- -- the service works behind the scenes -- your -- put on important messages into a folder called -- later. It took the service less than an hour to sort through my thousands of -- -- and in the -- did a pretty good job of determining what was important. And it put things like my Twitter follower notifications in this scene later folder. But this will cost you cost between three dollars and twenty dollars a month depending on what services you choose to use. Same -- really did give these insanity that I -- even more services to see if they would happen. -- lets you route remembering messages that Gmail I -- -- we'll let you schedule messages are automatically returns to the top of your inbox at a later time. Then there was another service called rollout which was a godsend for me because I've got lots of daily email newsletters that collects them all consolidates back into 1 TV evening. So. You learned anything about yourself through this process you I have. I've learned that same box and roll up can help me and give -- support. The real change has to come through me I have to prioritize the important messages. And -- the other ones just -- Good progress. I'll see you next week. Yeah.

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{"id":19049267,"title":"Email Apps: Fight the Anxiety","duration":"2:58","description":"Mailbox, UnRoll.Me, Sanebox and other apps help address the e-mail agita. ","url":"/Technology/video/email-apps-fight-anxiety-19049267","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}