France sues Google for $57 million

French data protection authority alleges Google violated European privacy laws.
0:51 | 01/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for France sues Google for $57 million
In today's tech bytes Google is being find 57 million dollars by for its efforts data protection authority says the online giant violated tough new European privacy laws. Regarding data collection in users' consent it's the largest fine so far under the new rules. Google says it's considering its next step. And Spotify is reportedly testing a new blocking feature it's called book don't play this orders feature. It lets you completely block certain artists while using the music streaming service. No word though but when it could be available. And there's a new that can put you into a prayer session. With the Pope hoped for at this unveiled the click to pray apt to worshippers. It lets you know what he's praying about it when you're done one click but the well no you have prayed. With the pontiff how about that very 2019. Those who attacked by its have a good run.

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{"duration":"0:51","description":"French data protection authority alleges Google violated European privacy laws.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"60536586","title":"France sues Google for $57 million","url":"/Technology/video/france-sues-google-57-million-60536586"}