Google Chromebooks: Do You Want a Google Laptop?

Do you need your next laptop to do more than just surf the web?
2:56 | 10/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Google Chromebooks: Do You Want a Google Laptop?
-- Yeah. There are windows -- -- or. Windows laptops there android tablet there are iPad and then there are math books and then. There are crown books this -- -- HP crumbled eleven and it cost 279. Dollars. This laptop and what does this whole category of laptops do better than all those other gadgets. Books are just has been named sense laptops that run Google's Chrome browser -- -- a west. As it is you boot up the computer that you get a desktop and some apps in the corner. But all those are really web based in linked to some of Google's sites this is really just a browser. Yet -- is that you're leaving in the browser on your laptop are ready why do you need anything else. Google doesn't actually sneak across -- Acer Samsung HP and other companies make laptops. So why would you want a crock -- while the first. -- that is that they're very affordable this HP is just 279. Dollars and Samsung makes one of only 250. Dollars. That they are very simple. -- -- -- -- -- web browser you know how to use his computer. No explanation required need to teach someone how to find out how to get -- -- Unlike some others. Those who also gives you free in -- like I would any number of eyes and purchase -- But actually get well vouchers for in flight Wi-Fi which is about a 150 dollars credit. But Google doesn't -- you -- the open seat and back and know when picking. -- -- of also with a hundred gigabytes of Google's cloud storage and because -- don't have big hard drives inside. They really fast and have really good battery life. This new HP lasts about six hours you can charge it with just a phone charger. The -- -- that the chrome book might actually be the best choice for him. Chrome books thrive on Wi-Fi and without -- side they're just not that -- of computers. The laptop will still work without the Internet but it's limited there are some non web based apps like the calculator or -- photo editor. And Google docs works -- but there really isn't much else. -- also can't run desktop applications that means he can't download Skype for iTunes or any other advanced programs might -- Boxer also not a very good choice -- -- need to do more processor intensive work like photo or video editing. And this HP can actually get a bit sluggish and running to me browser -- This could be good and bad with -- box but if you're looking for ultra portable laptop to surf the web you really can't go wrong with what of these laptops. And if that's not what you want there are definitely a lot about her choice. --

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Do you need your next laptop to do more than just surf the web?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"20564255","title":"Google Chromebooks: Do You Want a Google Laptop? ","url":"/Technology/video/google-chromebooks-google-laptop-20564255"}