Looking at health care products at CES 2020

Neofect introduced an interactive game for stroke victims
3:01 | 01/10/20

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Transcript for Looking at health care products at CES 2020
This season got him banned neo facts not can you tell us a little bit about this contraption and standing on that looks like Dance Dance Revolution. Sat out but it's not. Yeah. That Vazquez revolution but it Forrester of limited vision. So we wanted to they really cajun night after anyone has the strobe. It more engaging. But at the same time measurable. That's for the up Austin provide a lot of slight majority of the devices on the market. It does not have any capability. Checking your posture. But if you're active you know that working on your keys I. That this policy. It becomes old news that we wanted to make that the guys it was. Being there eight. And it actually makes up Eileen you're. And satellites just like Dance Dance Revolution right after the what inspired. It. A friend of mine lost his bad back from stroke and I was also up for this planet that this type of disability and airborne. We both so with the caption from there you have occasion and help carrying general. So without life you know making games especially using the artificial intelligence. As a good opportunities. Ten years ago decided the company. I want NG ABC guide to the med lines and its creator doctors in the end Kmart he's at this fishing and not from the tech world's can you tell me a little bit. About to this tiny device and everything that it. Acts as president and medical devices just smoke and honest. Dallas tremendous. The third of the terminator. Kilometer eighty KG. On silence hungry and living because if you think about it boomers say you're actually going for the doctor's office. Christmas in bad resting this books everything upside down displayed medical equipment company where the nation's. Into the divisional house. This but if the stay at home resting now not to speak is that the worst thing. We can take care of children in daycare centers which in Pittsburgh Steelers on ships that happened diapers we can take care of seniors in nursing homes. There's many applications that he evaporate. Geographical boundaries were visible. So let's go ahead and seat by a maligned connecting. So this is supposed to get a certain oxygen level. My orders and contact the lumber we do it's of that. Chewing up wake up at night easily do easiest way to serve your forehead. And it picks up the hottest temperature that might register and then the EKG. That's really cool the way this works it. Is. Give it two thumbs. On there like that. And my stay still and be quiet for a little bit. Yeah yeah. So sometime this year people might be able to get one of these for their homes news the med lines. Coming to you hopefully in twenty funny I'm coming up of that in Las Vegas at CE as you're watching ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Neofect introduced an interactive game for stroke victims","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"68186942","title":"Looking at health care products at CES 2020","url":"/Technology/video/health-care-products-ces-2020-68186942"}