An increase in robocalls

Plus, 2019 set a record for app downloads, and Spotify has playlists for pets.
0:52 | 01/16/20

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Transcript for An increase in robocalls
In today's tech bytes more Americans are being inundated by robo call. A new report finds there was that 22% increase last year in the number of unsolicited calls president trump has signed a law that would require phone companies. To block robo calls that no extra charge. And 319 with a record setting year for. Act's new report says users downloaded 204 billion apps last year. Also says consumers spend a 140 billion dollars on those apps the report found who most of the growth in apps markets came from outside the US. And Spotify has launched a new playlist option aimed at pads that are left home alone. Tracks are chosen according to whether your pet is what lots are energetic chayet were friendly Spotify claims that so far the favorite music categories. Are possible and soft rock. I'll fight fat. Effect right.

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{"duration":"0:52","description":"Plus, 2019 set a record for app downloads, and Spotify has playlists for pets.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"68325611","title":"An increase in robocalls","url":"/Technology/video/increase-robocalls-68325611"}