Inside Science’s key stories to watch in 2020

Inside Science previews exciting stories to come in 2020.
5:11 | 01/10/20

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Transcript for Inside Science’s key stories to watch in 2020
Inside science. This video from the few full at least what SpaceX CU. And the future look. Infant infantry many scientific projects come to fruition only. SpaceX has plans to launch the first manned commercial flight into space. Oval will be astronauts docked oh and can eat and heavy recruitment. When SpaceX time and space and it. X. And pain relief from now on. Astronauts will be helping out with been fixed by text. January 11. Went. Also it's an. Index. On tax it two weeks in space station because of food on law. On speed only extra. Only use in. In fact or suggestions robots in 20/20 three new robotic this from Europe China that you will be headed to space exploration. Intruded on exit for signs of ancient on the wreck. Taxes and lost 20/20. Launching July oh this is aiming for the Jazeera crates slight change. If it makes it rover will analyze them with rocks and chemicals signs of life. And his police bowl some of those rocks and walked. Sometime in the future. Let's you. The mission will stop having lost three. The route carries instruments to tax laws its potential ability. These include rate Olympic and water to. Sentences for measuring temperature humidity wind dust and reputation. And they. Moxie this is the most oxygen in its resources to expire. Unit that's in the center for carbon dioxide in the moss spent. Splits off the oxygen there's solid state and it talks is that 800 degrees Celsius. And stores the oxygen than this newly formed oxygen can be used and possibly. Fuel that will leave if they ever want to get there's at least rocks. But another space missions. AB space rocks hurt. By the end of 20/20 high acoustic things they don't two from Droid you group. Carrying extraterrestrials. Both excavated yet. Basis that would system you. Longer. Impeachment should see the completion at least two and projects. Used to point out what's in Paris and it seemed. Consortium of eleven cross the world working together to streamline. Our ice meant gene. East. Most heavily that it called singles. If so called. Happened to pull. Even think that this was the first time you carry six an attempt it doesn't want. More complicated. Here. A sink his teeth DNA should increase stability but they also DNA shuffled over to create intact and streams. Into a whole immunity it sounds complicated so hasn't anything tiny changes and often to moves unanticipated problems. Didn't mean that'll teach us something different Virginians to act when east two point finished. It should pave the way in Houston tactical and part of the tech. The future. Of gene in humans. Austin Chinese scientists hater attitude that you have twin baby bells in an attempt to increase which they. Twenty didn't. Russians. Dennis ripper. Wants to do this thing if this heat. This is provoked outcry from the international community but the real sticking point is the Russian government. This year they will decide river caught need to declare it a hate me. Presidency. Good for him. The Chinese Government and just didn't mean it isn't and no legal medical. Despite war. Being wrong may. This just takes of science projects important to print the biggest effect of what's. Missing. Of the 20/20 US. We will resolved just days before you call 26 means when included leaders of this serious they really. Right now. America's next president could well despite the. And that's it from me I'll see for around January science and that. In signs.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"Inside Science previews exciting stories to come in 2020. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"68195588","title":"Inside Science’s key stories to watch in 2020","url":"/Technology/video/inside-sciences-key-stories-watch-2020-68195588"}