Instagram feature shows when users are active

Instagram adds a last-active feature that will display in direct messaging.
0:49 | 01/19/18

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Transcript for Instagram feature shows when users are active
In today's I'd like to new integrated feature that shows when your active Big Apple less people you follower had chatted with to see when you last used in cigarettes similar to features on FaceBook messenger and what's app. For now it's only visible in direct messages. General Motors is helping to put a fully autonomous car on the road. The crews AV has no steering wheel no pedals and no human control whatsoever GM has filed a petition with the US Department of Transportation asking to unleash the cruise. In 2019. And it's a big day for Def Leppard fans. Starting today the band's music is available on Spotify apple music. And several other digital music platforms you guys say they think it into digital streaming because they want to see if it was here to stay. They also say they didn't need the money. They've been hanging onto the whole eight tracks thing hoping it would come back to work in those near tech bytes agreed it.

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{"duration":"0:49","description":"Instagram adds a last-active feature that will display in direct messaging.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"52458852","title":"Instagram feature shows when users are active","url":"/Technology/video/instagram-feature-shows-users-active-52458852"}