The Latest Top Chef is a Computer

ABC's Tina Trinh gets cooking with IBM's Watson computer.
3:03 | 05/14/15

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Transcript for The Latest Top Chef is a Computer
All right chests up there would tell you the key to success in the kitchen is improvisation but some angry is like strawberries mushrooms and just don't go together. They don't go to get a rep. Apparently. Meant to you IBM teamed up with chefs at the institute of culinary education. For a cooking experiment and ABC's Tina train found out what happens when a computer makes dinner. Erica and are keenly general but it also beat the next top schaffler. That's the question IBM engineers sent out to answer when Watson the company's cognitive computing system. If ought to be interesting to take the next step and see if Watson could help human beings come up with new ideas that had never been seen before that includes new ideas and kitchen. What exactly do you get when Watson says he can make something with beef. Chocolate and and a money. Look at that in an apparent helps understand Kotnik computing systems work systems aren't necessarily programmed as much as they are off. So they learn from their interactions with people read texting and natural language just like you or I do Watson read recipes. Thousands of them. That really taught the system. Things are tough to what ingredients commonly used together in addition we gave it information about the underlying chemistry of those ingredients so knows about the molecular flavor compounds and how we might response that there Brad. Hendrick educating the same old recipes Watson came up with totally new ruling treaty during that reelection ads then ran when we're in the kitchen was yeah. And check James Christina Brittany. Three chocolate Perino. This crazy he had to beat. Chocolate. In every day together with oranges apricot Manila. And two different type diseases that I am and it has. You with this summer look at us so we'll going to be going there. Clarification color make our first unexpected step. With its citizens who are here is why else we'll look what I did I never think at. So cool in for the very freedoms us how that's enough to child lives with Peary apricots and Vanilla beat. It may not be your typical burritos but that's the point. Watson obviously came over the edge is pearl is wonderful ingredients but without chancellor you have. It's really is this collaboration between the human of the computer collaboration with delicious results. All right Dana what we get going on here would think this got a front of us I brought some very dozen free yeah. Hanging there where a combination actress on the view it is. Not what you expect but it's still a bit so what are some of these other cut rations. So some really crazy combinations here which are not expected but end up tasting pretty good in this official cookbook this is the cognitive. Cookbook with. How does Watson have book he knew I think this is pretty good right yeah right can't place it does not that. I'm can't write Tina thank you so much. Redman.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"ABC's Tina Trinh gets cooking with IBM's Watson computer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"31036550","title":"The Latest Top Chef is a Computer","url":"/Technology/video/latest-top-chef-computer-31036550"}