Lawmakers press tech chiefs over online disinformation

The chief executives of Facebook, Google and Twitter testified before Congress on Thursday about handling online misinformation on their companies’ platform.
2:55 | 03/26/21

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Transcript for Lawmakers press tech chiefs over online disinformation
You've failed to meaningfully change after your platforms played a role in fomenting insurrection. In abetting the spread of the virus and trampling American civil liberty. And while it may be true that some bad actors will shout fire in a crowded theater by. To be heard and everything it request the country in the world your business model is up has become the problem. And the time for self regulation is over it's time we legislate. The whole you accountable. You'll walk to fight separation. Removed content that could lead to imminent real world are. We built an unprecedented third party fact checking program and some Israelis also get warning labels and significantly reduce its distribution. We invest a lot in directing billions of people to authoritative information. The system isn't perfect but it's the best approach that we found to address misinformation in line was our country's values. It's not possible to catch every piece of harmful content without infringing on people's freedoms and a way to I don't think that we be comfortable with as ID. If we woke up tomorrow and decided to stop muttering content redundant with the service very few people or advertisers would want to use. Ultimately we're running a business. And business wants to grow the number of customers who serves. Enforcing policy is a business decision. Different businesses and services will have different policies some more liberal and arts. We believe it's critical this Friday continues to exist. Forcing every business to behave the same reduces innovation and individual choice and diminishes free marketplace or deals. Our ability to draw wider range of information NB points while also being able to remove misinformation. It's possible only because legal frame looks like section. Its foundation an open net which has been a powerful force for good for Sony. Our start by asking all three of you oh. If your platform bears some responsibility. Per disseminating disinformation. Related to the election and saw steel movement that letter that the capital just a yes or no answer. Mr. arbor. Chairman our responsibility is to build systems that can tell you why I got no answer okay remote you bear some responsibility. For what. Congressman our responsibility is to make sure that we build a system. Are not answer the question. Mr. chart yes or no. We only skin deep sense of responsibility but it we will hauler. This election effort was one of our most of activists are yes are now. Congressman a complex question we OK we'll move on. Mister Dorsey. Yes we also have to take into consideration of broader ecosystem it's not just a technology platforms and.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"The chief executives of Facebook, Google and Twitter testified before Congress on Thursday about handling online misinformation on their companies’ platform.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"76692460","title":"Lawmakers press tech chiefs over online disinformation","url":"/Technology/video/lawmakers-press-tech-chiefs-online-disinformation-76692460"}