Legal trouble for Elon Musk

Plus, keeping social media family friendly and a new messaging app for Android users.
0:54 | 02/26/19

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Transcript for Legal trouble for Elon Musk
In today's tech bytes federal regulators want Tesla CE OE on must held in contempt of court the SEC argues that his recent tweet about tussle production. Violates the term other previous fraud settlement that settlement calls for any such information sent by mosque to be approved ahead of time. Keeping social media family friendly is taking a whole auto workers according to a new investigation by the Virgin Media Facebook's contact moderator is. Faced intense pressure at work and suffer from PT SD because of the graphic content they are forced to watch every day. An indoor users will see a new messaging feature soon global announced plans to integrate their assistant program with android messages. For example when users are texting about a restaurant. Don't seem linked offering more information bar their taxing about a movie a link to reviews will pop up. Those detect bites after today.

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{"duration":"0:54","description":"Plus, keeping social media family friendly and a new messaging app for Android users.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"61324587","title":"Legal trouble for Elon Musk","url":"/Technology/video/legal-trouble-elon-musk-61324587"}