Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Tablet Review

The new tablet has an improved spec sheet but suffers from lack of app support.
0:54 | 10/25/13

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Transcript for Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Tablet Review
And today tech -- we get our first look at Microsoft surface to tablet it is thinner and lighter than the original surface -- is compatible with Microsoft signature keyboard cover. ABC tech editor Joanna stern like see improvements but says Microsoft still has work to -- What you don't get here is the breath of apps that you can get on the iPad. The windows store just doesn't have as many apps and the quality of the apps are not always as good for the tablet screen. The Microsoft surface to starts at 450 dollars and for those looking for a laptop replacement there's a Microsoft surface -- -- It features a higher and process -- which allows users to run all types of windows -- The tablet starts at 900 dollars. And -- new editing features are coming to the video sharing app buying. Users will now be able says -- drafts and reorganize clips before sending out -- 62 videos. And those layered tech -- I'm Diana Perez have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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{"id":20679584,"title":"Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Tablet Review","duration":"0:54","description":"The new tablet has an improved spec sheet but suffers from lack of app support.","url":"/Technology/video/microsoft-surface-pro-tablet-review-20679584","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}