Mind-Bending Artist Turns Brainwaves Into Artwork

Ion Popian creates 3-D printed art from a participant's thoughts.
1:59 | 06/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mind-Bending Artist Turns Brainwaves Into Artwork
Forget painter clay artist young -- and has found a new medium for his -- work. And this thing moves. So you can just that. -- -- uses brain waves to create three dimensional art. Use these these EG machine Sotheby's had years. To map out direct electrical impulses of the brain function that was Donna how are we gonna -- -- in the real world we thought 3-D -- so. That's how these structures seem to -- And yeah. -- work as part of poppy and mental fabrication theories. And allows participants to make 3-D models of their thoughts on the actual bills like the peaks and valleys. Are derived purely from your own brain activity. To get started -- and simply looks of bio sensor on the new York and -- the participant in front of an abstract film. To get the brain -- moving from. Yeah. Forcing you to. Just like to be absorbed by this is an entry in the found the movements of the cameras in the focus -- a lot. A lot slower at a lot more like flowing. What is probably do -- week. More relaxation that should give us like some really nice brain activity. That we can -- out in real time it's gonna be projected on outside the screen and when you have these upward motion this relaxation because unlike. The data is sponsoring complex I'll -- them. And the brain waves are ready to be printed. -- in his thinking bigger than just models. This summer he's working -- turning the brain waves into giant structures large enough to stand and. From watching the films of printing the -- it's almost like. Art and creativity and it's like -- four straight from the brain.

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{"id":24097563,"title":"Mind-Bending Artist Turns Brainwaves Into Artwork","duration":"1:59","description":"Ion Popian creates 3-D printed art from a participant's thoughts.","url":"/Technology/video/mind-bending-artist-turns-brainwaves-artwork-24097563","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}