Moto X: First Look

Motorola's new smartphone is made in the US and can be customized in a number of colors.
1:50 | 08/01/13

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Transcript for Moto X: First Look
And. Yeah. There are thousands -- different types of and grateful to -- Maybe you know the galaxy has a four hour -- to Detroit. For the others -- they just left together. At Motorola coming to pick out exactly crowded theater and right behind that new -- X. As you can see company number of different colors and also made in the US went up first on appreciated do you have any long time -- ordered not. Nine with a modem makers Knight can pick from tons of colors and customize the device yourself. The color -- the back and -- -- and an easy access. Motorola is even working on a wooden -- But the real -- -- and made it even more personal thank you even put my name on my new -- Does have a big four point seven inch screen. But it's really comfortable to hold ponderosa -- a lot of time on the nine. On the back it has intending. Camera but the secret sauce and now he's -- in the software and offensive. -- -- -- -- -- it really needed to turn on the camera -- definitely shake your real quick. And it will launch the camera and it didn't just -- screen take a picture. Federal was bought by Google last year since Google now features are better integrated. Have to train of -- -- -- can respond to adjust your voice you have to actually picking up -- able to say -- who will now call mom. But won't cost a 199 dollars with a two year contract AT&T Verizon sprint. And all the other big carriers. And without the really does seem to do some interesting things but isn't enough to stick out from the thousands of other android phones. Now Motorola seems to thinks it's an incredible device case law that device in the market that's -- -- -- Yeah.

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{"duration":"1:50","description":"Motorola's new smartphone is made in the US and can be customized in a number of colors. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"19845140","title":"Moto X: First Look ","url":"/Technology/video/moto-x-first-look-19845140"}