NASA probe to touch down on Mars today

The probe has been traveling since May. ABC News' Janai Norman reports.
2:04 | 11/26/18

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Transcript for NASA probe to touch down on Mars today
We're back now with the visitor that Mars will be getting today and NASA probe is expected. To touch down on the red planet it's been traveling through space for months. The mission could reveal the secrets inside bars but a lot passing go right for successfully ending. This morning I'll crucial moment for the mission to Mars. The NASA probe insight blasted off in May traveling more than 269. Million miles through deep space. It's now just hours from the first touchdown on the red planet in six years and the first spacecraft to look inside Mars for clues about how our solar system for. Mars is pretty cold today earth does a nice place to take a vacation so we've really like to know. Why. One planet goes one way or another planet goes another way. But first insight has to stick the landing about half of all Mars Lee endings. Fail so everything from insights heat shield too its supersonic parachute. Have to work to slow it down from nearly thirteen thousand miles per hour. To five miles per hour for a safe touchdown. NASA won't know if the landing was successful for seven minutes a period they call seven minutes of terror ABC and embellished. Flames that during that time because of they basically the delay in communications between Mars and earth scientists here will not know what has happened until. After the fact so there's a lot that goes on that has to work perfectly in that amount of time one of the mysteries scientists are looking at is how Mars and earth which started out so similar. Became so different over time. A few weeks after landing a robotic arm will deploy in shipments to measure Mars quakes in meteor strikes and heat sensors were borrow down into the planet de hopefully tell scientists if Mars once harbored life. I could have potentially. Been a place where life could have formed very early and Mars is history. The later for rim to take pictures just a few minutes after touchdown in those images could be back to earth within twenty minutes.

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"The probe has been traveling since May. ABC News' Janai Norman reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"59413968","title":"NASA probe to touch down on Mars today","url":"/Technology/video/nasa-probe-touch-mars-today-59413968"}