Racy, Sexually Explicit Webcam Images Allegedly Intercepted by British Spies

Millions of Yahoo users' images are collected by U.K. spies after hacking webcam service.
3:00 | 02/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Racy, Sexually Explicit Webcam Images Allegedly Intercepted by British Spies
-- -- this is a special group. Again -- new Yorker this ABC news digital special report another nail in the coffin of personal privacy. British intelligence agency intercepted and -- millions. Of webcam images. From millions of Yahoo! users many are sexually explicit. Code name for the program optic -- if you -- -- 2008 and data shared with the US National Security Agency and might have been active as late 2012. Joining -- out of talked about this via Skype -- -- stay right with techcrunch -- history with us because a logical we're asking today are there images safe and from what we understand now the brits now have millions of images intercepted whether the Yahoo! user -- suspected of any kind of illegal activity where these images now. We don't -- -- -- could be on servers somewhere -- -- could have been deleted it spends on protocols. Intelligence agencies follow. What does Yahoo!'s responsiveness. Yahoo! says I think -- say they say it's a whole new level of violation of our users' privacy and there are generally pretty outraged. What -- measures that have been taken to block this kind of thing from happening again is that even possible to do that. Well nothing is a 100% full proof one -- the tech companies have decided to do is indeed cracked. Some of the cables and transmission lines they use to communicate. With one another and encryption and it's very difficult to crack. Or millions and millions of users so that's one thing that potentially in the future when Yahoo! was able to implement it committed. Could stop some of -- masts. Now what are the things that we've been looking at is that earlier this week we hear that millions of dollars. Worth of big coins were stolen now millions of images from people's Yahoo! -- I'll also in other hands along with authoritative kept somewhere else as well. Are we just becoming sort of used to this kind of invasion or this kind of idea that our information that we're sharing online is not necessarily -- at all. I think it's good to some data hygiene -- just to just know that anything you are. On line could potentially be shared with others if you haven't really really sensitive information chances are you shouldn't be sharing -- or email or attacks scorer anything else you're embarrassed. So does not just government in its its -- corporations people mistakenly -- things some -- you don't hold your computer. -- -- -- I you know thanks the former and it's a contract Edwards that we now know about the NSA's. Efforts in there and -- -- data was collected. But we have another -- to think about and that's GC HQ Britain's government communications headquarters all this. Almost orwellian like news and again thanks to Edwards -- thousands of those top secrets stolen documents. Still need to be looked at though. That's true any information is trickling in my understanding is the guardian and other people who have been present this information are -- -- weeding out Jerrold potentially harmful agents in the -- -- before they release more. All right so we'll have to see how that will be yielded out great transceiver -- -- Greg thank you so much appreciate the time. It's this has been an ABC news that the special report a complete report right here and there -- images from Yahoo! web chats stolen and stored by -- spy agency. But I'm Dan Butler York.

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{"id":22722766,"title":"Racy, Sexually Explicit Webcam Images Allegedly Intercepted by British Spies","duration":"3:00","description":"Millions of Yahoo users' images are collected by U.K. spies after hacking webcam service. ","url":"/Technology/video/racy-sexually-explicit-webcam-images-allegedly-intercepted-british-22722766","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}