What Is That Red Equal Sign?

Social media reacts to the Supreme Court hearing gay marriage cases with a unique symbol.
5:03 | 03/27/13

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Transcript for What Is That Red Equal Sign?
This is a special -- From ABC news now than an -- -- what I'm down that's when new -- that ABC news digital special report while the Supreme Court now listens to a second case on the legality of gay marriage. The discussion is also very much alive on line for social media -- mixing these. -- rate equal signs on FaceBook and Twitter yesterday and of course today as well it's become the new call sign for supporters. Of gay marriage. Now both those that are for and against gay marriage are trying to sway popular opinion in their favor using Twitter and FaceBook and right now want to bring -- ABC news social media editor. Dan Milan -- -- what's trending right now to talk to me a little bit about this whole campaign that HRC started. Well it's humorous campaign was lasers C stands for. Was asking people on FaceBook to change the profile photos over -- -- something red or they're actually asking people to paint the town red. In wearing red through the the next couple days as the Supreme Court discusses the gay marriage issue. Com and so that you know they. They encouraged folks to use the profile photo that that they're using him there FaceBook page this equal sign right palm and it took off. Not only did we see. He southeast of -- and and friends changing there their profile pictures over but into the kind of became on national trend and -- and a lot of them put their own kind of personalized spin on these things as well right we saw it odd that man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- him under the -- to light -- -- to making equal sign. Against the red background on anything they got they -- remain personalized in the process while still kind of like spreading the word. Most popular I saw on line actually was our picture to bacon strips. I think picking up the -- -- -- bacon and. On combative -- that if they seem to go hand in hand I've seen what with Paula dean on there with two sticks of butter that's correct. Polity in writing on top of the news it's that the all right it's appalling -- things mean spinning off of that. And I -- corporations as well have gotten into it so line. It's true blood to blood page rep RI HBO's show. -- equal sign and there's two standings kind of biting into the bonds those individuals are getting involved in this obviously -- of its larger -- right Budweiser also lobbed it in their -- with two bud lite cans which was a -- essentially it was Anheuser bush coming out for gay marriage and in that move. Now what about groups that are not supporting same sex -- they see you have seen their own spin off. -- they've been taking the B plus sign and die instead having a man and a woman. As part of their. Their profile images and the incident using -- they're using. Some reason rather using live and the other tent spinning up -- equal sign marriage equals. Man plus woman it's it's kind of guy you know it's it's their view of traditional marriage -- that is quite a -- means that have come out of this -- the past 24 hours you know almost almost two days -- right it's -- but a lot of people aren't necessarily buying into this -- getting involved are showing their support this kind -- -- -- were -- -- for and we're seeing. A -- of the sun because people don't exactly think that you're going to change anything by -- by -- up a profile picture even in -- What does accomplice -- we're running -- when her mom and it's. Essentially. It's not clear when there's that coney campaign last year -- for people are sharing the video but it didn't mean that that any changes being -- -- So. There is that there is that sentiment out there it's. As well as is and so they know we've all been hearing people say you know the more people that get involved in the bigger. The more read you see him on a profile page and an inmate -- small chains and we had a comedian -- -- fine out of Austin. Right up this for years and seeing all the people who support can inspire people think more action small change. I'd much rather see equal red signs and pictures of from to catch her on it -- it's. I guess if we get have a day off from those pictures that's now -- -- bad -- -- -- but obviously -- FaceBook and Twitter have seen a lot of activity but mr. Graham as well had one. Particular image that's really going crazy of course. Beyoncé. Got involved and this -- -- to Graham hers where she wrote it. You like it you should be able to put a ring on it racked up about 200000. Little hearts on -- -- grand you know of who they were partly thanks. Of course playing off her song right -- she made a big statement 200 K that's not bad and inches -- You see that's it's on a red -- a stationary you know it's it's part of that overall campaign and even you know -- last -- have been involved are sky for instance has been posting images related -- -- campaign. All throughout the last couple lanes are -- -- keeping an eye on what's happening there ABC's social media editor -- want to thank you so much of course we'll have more on the Supreme Court hearing today on abcnews.com. And right here. On ABC news -- special report.

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{"id":18823564,"title":"What Is That Red Equal Sign?","duration":"5:03","description":"Social media reacts to the Supreme Court hearing gay marriage cases with a unique symbol.","url":"/Technology/video/red-equal-sign-18823564","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}